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Auto Dialing Software to Automate Outbound Calling

Agency Dialer is a cloud-based tool used to automate all types of outbound calling activities. Our software increases efficiency, accuracy, and talk time for the staff in your office. We can accomplish this while also being TCPA Compliant — so there is nothing to worry about on your end.

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A new era of dialing is here.

Save Time

No need to take the time to dial each number manually. With the click of a button, you can now automatically dial through a list of contacts.

Create Efficiency

The software gives you the ability to start a dialing campaign from anywhere from any phone. This means there is little to no downtime between dialing.

Retain Your Clients

Have time to start following up with customers after they purchase: This dialer allows you to retain and cross-sell existing customers.

Compliant Dialing Platform

We have taken the time to build a system that is completely compliant with TCPA standards. What does this mean for you? This means that Agency Dialer scrubs contacts in LIVE TIME to make sure you are constantly auto dialing contacts that are not currently on the Do Not Call List. This makes your job easier. Simply segment a campaign you would like to target and start dialing.

Telemarketing Delay is a Thing of Yesterday!

At Agency Dialer, we have strong feelings against a telemarketing delay. Why do you ask? It starts you off on the wrong foot with your contact. This is why we built Agency Dialer in a way that if a contact picks up the call, you are automatically connected to them. This makes the call seem more personal as well as more professional. If the contact doesn’t answer, you can also leave a pre-recorded voicemail and move on instantly to the next call.

Be More Efficient In Your Office

Agency Dialer is here to help! Our software allows you to dial 2-3x the number of calls per hour over hand dialing. Call Logic puts everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips.

Join Our MANY Happy Customers

“I can reach 3X more contacts in less amount of time. Cold calling jobs are a lot of “no answers” and leaving voicemails. By the time you dial, let it ring, leave a voicemail that is 30-50 seconds. By using this software you take out the dial time and you take out the leaving a voicemail time because you already pre-recorded one, shorting that time to 5-10 seconds per call. Also by having a pre-recorded voicemail, it allows me to focus on what to say when they answer vs thinking about what to say on a voicemail and rambling on too much.”

Brianna Dodson

Executive Search Consultant, Exemplar360

Call Logic offers a fabulous product and service. The system is very easy to use, performs flawlessly, and stores all of my data in a very efficient manner. I’m able to prospect and perform my callbacks at a much greater rate than I was doing before I obtained the system. It’s fantastic. I love it.

Kevin Jenkins

Owner, Self Employed

“If you have trouble focusing and need something to keep you on track, this is the product for you. It forces you to have a plan ready and at the speed in which the program jumps from call to call, you have to be ready to go. Our teams are much more effective now, by using Call Logic

Hillary Petersen

Director of Operations, Novum Group, Inc.

Using this software I was able to increase my overall call volume by 300% and average call length by 2 minutes. This allowed my team to make more quality contacts with our prospects and avoid time spent dialing numbers manually where the number had been changed or was no longer in service.

Drewbie Wilson

Concierge Consultant, Mobile Funnels

Bought initially just for myself to use to keep me focused on call-backs. Now hiring and have an option that this position can work from home; without Call Logic, we wouldn’t have that possibility .

Michele Robbins

Owner, RPM Agency, Inc.

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