THE Champion Plan

Built For Your Success!


Agency Dialer has teamed up with Cole X-Dates to help you win a championship for your office. The Champion Plan pairs the speed and consistency of an Agency Dialer unlimited plan with the greatness of FREE¬†Unlimited Home Prospects from Cole X-Dates. That’s right, it’s never been easier to take your agency to that championship level than with a plan like this.


ACT NOW and Become A Champion. Start Quoting More Policies & Closing More Deals. Sweep Your Competition!

*Entire 3, 6, or 12-month commitment pricing will be billed upon signup.

Still Not Confident This Program Will Be A Game Winner For Your Agency?
If you have any questions or are already a current subscriber to either Agency Dialer or Cole X-Dates and would like to take advantage of this spectacular offer, please give us a call at
855-282-7297 (Agency Dialer) or 877-414-3332 Ext. 4263 (Cole X-Dates)

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