With so many advancements in technology, organizations now have access to different products that hasten business processes. One example of this is automation. In statistics provided by Forbes, 51% of work activities will soon be automated in the U.S. In call centers and customer service departments, these automated features include AI chatbots, AI virtual assistants, and machine learning networks. But aside from these more advanced technological tools, it’s also worth investing in automatic dialers, like the power dialer.

A power dialer is a tool that can be configured to call phone numbers one after another. This lets employees speak to clients without the need for dial pads. After an employee ends the call, the power dialer inputs the next number on the list automatically.

Is a Power Dialer Right for Your Business?

When implementing a new system, such as the power dialer, it’s important to first talk to your business analyst about it. Business analysts pursue one of the more data-driven business administration careers and can pinpoint the best way to implement the power dialer system based on your corporate strategies and policies. They can also provide information on the organization’s current systems and use that to help you come up with more informed decisions about implementation.

For instance, depending on your current business model, it might be best to have your sales department use power dialers to maximize the number of sales calls they can make in a workday. It might also be a good idea to do the same with your customer service department, so they can attend to client concerns quickly and efficiently. Discuss these matters with your business analyst to fully optimize the use of power dialers in your company.

Are you still curious about power dialers? Then there are three ways power dialing can boost business productivity:

The Benefits of Power Dialing

Boost Employee Productivity

With the help of power dialers, your employees won’t be bogged down by manual dialing. This way, they can focus solely on interacting with the client and not worry about repetitive processes. Power dialers also decrease the chance of human error, as they are more precise in their inputs.

Better Time Management

Like many automated systems, power dialers also cut down on the time it takes to execute business processes. In this case, your employees save time on manual dialing and idling between calls because the power dialer handles these automatically. Plus, your list of phone numbers can be laid out beforehand, so employees won’t have trouble deciding on whom to call once they start going through the list.

More Potential to Close Deals

And since power dialers help employees go through more calls, then there’s a heightened chance of closing deals and increasing sales. Because power dialers know to skip disconnected or wrong numbers, employees also won’t have to waste time on unresponsive leads.

Even better, by equipping your calling system with preview dialing support, you can further increase your chances of making a sale. Preview dialing allows employees to see essential customer information before they pick up, so they can tailor their script to match their customer’s needs. Preview dialing is available for power dialers and other advanced dialing systems, so it’s well worth looking into.

Power dialers are an excellent means of expediting business operations and boosting productivity. That’s why so many companies are investing in these technologies. It just goes to show that business automation in its many forms provides plenty of benefits — from minimizing human error to boosting customer satisfaction.

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Article contribute by Jessie Robertson