Are you calling efficiently and abiding by outbound call laws in your phone banks?

In a Democracy, every vote counts and even though you have worked hard all year campaigning, you still must rely on voter turnout (which can be unpredictable). So, no matter whether you’re campaigning in a local, state or federal election, you need to reach as many voters as you can. This is where the good old fashioned telephone will come in handy. The telephone allows your campaign staff and volunteers to personally reach thousands of citizens to stress voter turnout and gain the support of political candidates or public issues. But have you ever wished you could reach three times as many voters as you currently reach? You can with a web-based calling assistant that works with any phone to triple your voter outreach. Calling assistants like Call Logic eliminate the tedious task of manually dialing numbers by allowing you to quickly create a custom calling campaign from lists of voters in your district and surrounding areas. This piece of technology could be the difference maker between you winning or losing an election:

1. Scrub Calling Lists in Real Time

A calling assistant has the ability to scrub in real-time against phone numbers on the federal and state do-not-call lists and any numbers that are no longer active. Why waste valuable time dialing numbers that are no good and risking hefty fines calling someone you shouldn’t? It’s not worth the risk or time when you can have a system that will not only protect you legally with scrubbing but continuously dial until you are instantly connected with a live person. More people dialed increases your opportunity to win over support of more voters at the polls.

2. Customize Scripts

In phone banking, scripts often change depending on whether it’s a survey call or to win over voters. Scripts are necessary to aid your campaign staff and volunteers with the guidance to stay on track when connecting on calls with voters. It’s time to recycle your paper scripts and use a calling assistant to create and display scripts that your volunteers and staff can view right on their computer monitors as they make calls. This simple act of preparation means they no longer need to look down on the desk for a crumpled paper script and search for the name of the contact they’ve called. Effective preparedness results in effective outbound calls.

3. Access Valuable Intelligence Based on Call Results

Nothing is more frustrating than managing a phone bank with ineffective ways of collecting and storing data. How do you know which voters you need to win over and reach back? Why do the naysayers object to support your candidate or cause? Having a calling assistant with customizable dispositions that could be easily filtered within calling reports allows you to project if you are going to have the votes necessary to win at the polls. This valuable data enables your campaign team to strategize follow-up phone campaigns to get your message across and swing votes in your favor.

4. Win Over Voters and Impact Your Community

The November elections are quickly approaching, so it’s time to acquire valuable resources that will aid in your campaign’s march to victory. The utilization of simplistic and user-friendly technology like a calling assistant be the competitive edge you need to beat your competition this November. Prepare the confetti, balloons and get ready for your successful campaign to positively impact your community. Click here to schedule a free demo and witness how a calling assistant like Call Logic will bring you one step closer to victory.

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