Working in a call center isn’t for the faint of heart – it takes an immense amount of determination and self-motivation. Our country is inundated with call centers. According to a survey of call center industry leaders taken from November to December of 2016, almost 66 percent of the organizations represented were located in the U.S., which is surprising to some considering the amount of outsourcing that has been done in recent years. The primary industry represented by these leaders was insurance, closely followed by banking and security. In 2017, the state with the highest employment in the call center industry was Atlanta, with over 121,000 employees. The city of Dallas ranked second with over 115,000 workers. Every call center has needs and the same goal of enhancing productivity. One way to enhance it is by using the best tools, and the best tool for a successful call center is a VoIP dialer.

VoIP Dialers Over All

Call centers have numerous options when it comes to how they make their calls. Most places rely on something more than a manual calling phone bank or a switchboard these days (even if that was the way work was handled until the 1960s, when automatic call distributors came into play). The focus of these techniques was to improve customer service, with companies investing in specific departments to handle incoming and outgoing calls from customers (or whomever). When the Internet was implemented in the 1990s, it impacted the whole call center world, from how the customer interacted with a business to the ways a company could communicate with leads, and so on. Nearly two decades after the explosion of the internet, technologies emerged to provide new forms of service through email and live chat support. This new connectivity also gave companies the opportunity to provide 24/7 support. As companies build their online presence, customers are continually introduced to new forms of communication, thus forcing a complete overhaul of the support experience. Enter call center software and VoIP dialers.

Why Choose VoIP?

Top VoIP dialers can perform a plethora of tasks to scale your call center and telemarketing efforts. VoIP dialers are designed with an array of features that outperform manual dialing. These features allow more time for your call center agents to focus on converting a potential lead, rather than dealing with complex spreadsheets and dialing numbers one by one. But what features should you look for specifically? Here’s a list of the top 5 features to look for in the VoIP dialer you choose:

1. Cloud Functionality

The best current dialers have the option of running every process from the Cloud. While that may seem frivolous to some, it’s actually a great option, especially if your call center is based in multiple sites. Being able to run everything online gives you almost unlimited capability, even if the power goes out or you have issues with one of your phones.

2. Multiple-Mode Support

Your business might rely on various aspects of dialing, such as predictive, preview and progressive dialing, to reach out to prospects. Therefore, your VoIP dialer needs to support other modes apart from predictive dialing to enhance the suitability of different telemarketing campaigns. This is particularly important to ensure there is no conflict after the deployment of the new dialer.

3. Unlimited Calling

If your telemarketing campaign requires a large number of calls, you need to consider bundled calling options before choosing a VoIP dialer. Ensuring that your VoIP gives you unlimited calling is essential, especially if you need to make international calls.

4. Multitasking

You know how much your agents do on a daily basis and during each call. Prospective customers may ask for details, there may be questions on how to handle issues or your agent may freeze up on the call. Therefore, you and your agents must be able to send messages, send emails, make notes, record calls or even whisper coach to help. A top VoIP dialer allows agents to simultaneously perform an array of tasks, which in turn help them deliver a better experience to prospects and increase lead conversions.

5. All-in-One Package

Multitasking is important, but your VoIP dialer needs to go beyond just the call experience. Importing contacts, assigning call campaigns, customizing voicemails and caller ID, running usage reports, viewing easy-to-use agent and manager dashboards, and integrating a CRM… the list of requirements goes on. Make sure the dialer you choose has all of the options you need to truly upgrade your business.

Choose the Right Partner

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