5 Real Estate Sales Tips From Professionals For Professionals

Working in real estate sales of any kind is not for the faint of heart. Even though being a real estate agent is continuously ranked as one of the best jobs to have, it is a rough profession, even if you’ve been doing it for a while. It can take years to really master sales, especially to the point where it shows in your revenue. But real estate sales isn’t all about the money. Buyers today are looking for someone who isn’t perfect at sales – they’re looking for someone who is truly a professional, someone who cares enough to get to know their situation and help them find what they’re looking for. So whether you’re new to the job or you’re looking for ways to improve, here are 5 real estate sales tips to not only enhance your sales, but to also build your career as a professional agent.


Professionals explain what they’re doing and why they’re doing it

No one likes to be left in the dark, especially when doing business of any kind. And what kind of business is more important than buying a piece of real estate? Not much! So from a buyers perspective, an agent who can be real with them and walk them through everything they’re doing step by step is worth doing business with. When professional agents meet with clients for the first time, they explain the process, the possible roadblocks, and a maybe even a few scenarios that might occur. They let the client know if they’re negotiating, they keep the lines of communication open, and they adjust their sales strategy as needed.

Professionals are willing to experiment and innovate to gain leads

Nobody enjoys talking about leads, but leads are how many agents find clients. A lead is an introduction to someone the agent hasn’t met yet, but it’s more than just an opportunity. Professional agents are experimenters – they try out different types of lead sources, they explore diverse ad campaigns, and they keep notes on what works and what doesn’t. Great agents understand that, in today’s culture, having a social presence is important, and being active with their clients through social media, advertising, and even through more traditional methods (i.e. postcard mailings) is imperative to foster good relationships. Whether you’re old school or new school, a good agent is willing to try new things (or attempt the old ones).


Professionals surround themselves with good people

Great agents don’t just have a network to find clients – they have a thoroughly vetted network of top-notch partners who provide the same level of customer service they do. They know the best people: the best contractors, appraisers, lenders, and insurance providers in the business. A good agent chooses to be surrounded by a group of professionals that can advise and/or assist with anything real estate related, even if that means someone else gets the sale. Top agents actually care for their network, and the needs of the client take priority. And if they’re managing a team, they go above and beyond to make sure their team is growing, and they help them develop a network for themselves. On the other end, professionals are willing to cut out anyone out of their network who doesn’t provide great customer service to their clients. A good network can be hard to come by, and it takes time to find your people. But when you do, make sure you take whatever strides are necessary to keep them.

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Professionals take their job seriously and they keep learning

“Expert” is a strong description for anyone, but professional agents do whatever they can to learn as much as they can about the field – they are a walking, talking Wikipedia about whatever they’re selling. They know their market, what has sold recently (and what hasn’t), and they do the leg work so their clients don’t have to. Anyone can look at listings online, but a professional not only knows where those listings are, but they’ve done their research about each one and can match them with what their clients need.

Professionals communicate with clients as quickly as possible

Whether it’s via cold calling, a personal call, a text or an email, a professional agent handles communication as efficiently as possible. They’re willing to take on the hard clients and conversations, they stay on the phone to answer questions, and they make their clients feel important – BECAUSE THEY ARE! People are looking for good communicators, and a professional agent uses whatever source of communication the client prefers – if the client prefers to text, the agent will text. If the client prefers email, the agent will check their email throughout the day to make sure that they respond as quickly as possible. One way agents amp up their communication is by using power dialing technology, one that can help them reach more clients with less work!

In the end, great customer service is key, and a professional real estate agent takes that seriously. Sales are great, but helping people is better. Be this type of an agent and you will have lasting success.

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