Stop doing these 5 things to be productive

We all know that our world runs on being productive. If it didn’t, nothing would get done, and no one would have a job! Our country and culture demand we be productive, almost to a fault. But there are still plenty of people out there whose actions prove that they don’t care about productivity. They also don’t care about whether or not they’re doing a good job or whether their job matters. As we’re looking to the new year ahead of us, let’s see if we can change these people’s outlook, and in turn, better our businesses. Regardless of which industry you find yourself in, you may be wondering what you (or your management, or your company as a whole) could do to be productive. Sometimes, instead of learning what to do, we need to look at what we’re already doing and change some things up.

Positives and Negatives

Most people will tell you to look at the glass half full to have a positive outlook on life. But what if rather than looking at the glass half empty (and thus marking yourself as pessimistic), you look at the glass as a whole and ask – how can we make the glass better? Maybe it’s doesn’t hold enough liquid, or it’s not ergonomically shaped, or it’s not as attractive as it should be. You may think that all of that hinges on your marketing department being productive, but what if you own or work for a small business, and you’re trying to figure this all out on your own? Here are 5 things you should stop doing to help you make marked changes on how you’re already running your business:

1. Stop Thinking Small.

“We’ve always done it this way” is not a motto to live by. In today’s ever-changing culture of technology and advancement, you can’t do things the way they’ve always been done. It doesn’t ring as true as it once did, and change is inevitable. But while change is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be terrifying. If you’re the owner or manager of a business, start with the big things and then go into details – things like having a vision for your business, what your office space is (and isn’t) doing for you, and the quality of your staff members. These are the things that a business thrives or dies by. Too often, we find ourselves caught up in the details of a situation and never really change anything significantly. Even if your business doesn’t need a full overhaul, it may be time to at least clean house.

2. Stop Ignoring Your Space.

Now, let’s take a look at your day-to-day work life. What steps do you go through each day for work? You may need to start with yourself by evaluating your outlook and perspective about your job. How can you enhance the atmosphere with your presence rather than just showing up because you’re mandated to be there? Next, look at your personal space. Is your work environment clean? Is it organized? Could either cleaning or organizing help you be productive? If you answered yes, it’s time to take the time to clean. If you need help, you can look for tips online (like you’re doing right now!) or, if you see someone in your office or job site who has a desk or work environment you envy, ask them for help! You may be missing out simply because you’re not asking for it.

3. Stop Doing Too Much.

You know how your typical workday goes. Depending on your industry, you have specific things that have to get done each day, week, or month. Do you have the tools you need to complete these tasks well? If not, let’s inventory which areas may need some work. Maybe it’s getting a better computer or upgrading your tech. Maybe it’s having better internal or external communication options, like an internal communication tool or a better phone system that works for your business. It may be sitting with your team or management and seeing how your daily tasks can be streamlined. You can be productive if you take out the unnecessary steps and start getting work done in a more effective manner.

4. Stop Lacking in Communication.

Nothing changes unless something changes. It sounds almost asinine, but it’s true. If you’re not happy with your job, nothing will change until you change something! In most office situations, communication is typically the number one thing that needs improvement. However, finding the motivation to make changes can be hard. Whether it’s the hierarchy not communicating things down the chain, a manager that doesn’t like conflict, or a team that doesn’t communicate with each other…communication is key to any type of work being done smoothly and efficiently. Maybe it’s time for more regular meetings or going through some training classes on communication. If you’re at the top of the ladder, you may want to bring yourself down a few rungs to see how those positioned below you are feeling about their work. It might be taking the time every day or every week to send out emails to check on your people or setting up one-on-one meetings to get feedback. It’s not always comfortable to open up lines of communication. After all, it can get messy and can be difficult to find even footing, but if you’re working for the same company, you at least have that in common.

5. Stop Forgetting Your People.

Encouragement is the best motivator out there, but it’s usually the hardest to give. The statistics for people who aren’t happy with their job are staggering – those numbers could be easily changed if people felt like their work was appreciated, or they felt like their place mattered. It’s time to give some encouragement to your people! You may try a reward system, an employee of the week rating, or monthly meetings to specifically acknowledge the people who are doing a good job for your business. If there are those who aren’t excelling, taking the time to work with them personally (or starting something like a mentorship program) will bring the change that’s needed. It’s all about helping people to use their strengths to be productive. You could try personality assessments or tests to help you understand better where employee’s gifts and talents would best fit. If your people feel like they’re known and recognized, they will do a better job and be productive!

Forget the Quid Pro Quo

All of this may sound somewhat insignificant to some, but if you truly take a look at your business and see the areas that are lacking, these tips can help you fill in the gaps and keep your people happy. If your business does any kind of outbound or inbound call campaigning, you may need a better phone option to help you succeed in that area. Enter, Call Logic. Our cloud-based calling software solution was designed to help companies plan their campaigns, execute them flawlessly, and then have the opportunity to evaluate them to make them even better. If that sounds like something your company needs, contact us or schedule a free demo today!

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