How do you track your agents’ success? Is it by the number of calls they make? Or the number of quality conversations they have? If you used the right auto dialer software, you could gauge success based on both of these important metrics.

1. Less time entering data = More time spent dialing

When you have a list of leads in a CRM or a spreadsheet, the right auto dialer software should make it quick and easy for you to import these phone number files with minimal configuration needed. This reduces the amount of time wasted on tinkering with files and eliminates the heightened risk of errors made during manual dials or transcribing numbers into the system.

2. Efficient systems, automated

Back when numbers were dialed by hand from a printed document buried in columns of 10-digit phone numbers, it was easy to highlight the last number you dialed before you left the office for the day. The next morning, you knew right where you’d left off, or you could simply hand the marked list to the next person on the shift after you to take it from where you’d stopped. It’s not a bad system. But by using the right auto dialer, you can not only pick up the calling process where you left off, but the calling process is automated…It’s a win-win!

3. Compliance is Key

By now, most companies are cognizant of do-not-call (DNC) guidelines as well as the boundaries established to protect certain times of the day. Additionally, call centers must abide by the restrictions that are established by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards. Failing to do so could result in heavy fines, some up to $16,000 per violation! By using the right auto dialer software, you can feel confident that you have safeguards in place that prevent your agents from calling outside those times and can also quickly update your Do Not Call list as needed.

4. The ability to easily generate reports

Phone dialer software should make it easy to download files in CSV format and integrate data with your favorite spreadsheet application. This makes reporting simple for your entire team.

5. Custom messaging features that work

Having a generic message won’t help conversion rates. The flexibility to fully customize your own voicemail message, follow-up email message, and the ability to record multiple messages for various purposes helps your prospects feel as though they are not just one in the crowd. When you use one-click voicemail, you can leave your message and move on to the next lead, knowing that you have done all that you could do to increase your contact ratio. You can also make sure that the messages are specific to your targets.

6. Live whisper coaching

Live look-ins, whisper coaching, and ‘barge-in’ features make it easy to quickly identify and resolve issues. This feature provides a great opportunity for management to coach employees and educate them on becoming more effective callers.

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