Check out this list of the best sales representative skills next time you’re hiring!

If you’re a sales manager in today’s fast-paced culture, no one feels more pressure about hiring new salespeople than you do. You understand that while finding the best people is important, it’s also important that they can keep up because they’re continually expected to perform. People who can maintain that balance are hard to come by, so you should be using the best tips and tactics to find the right people for your team. When evaluating sales talent, you need to judge the candidate’s cultural fit. You must take more into account than just average sales representative skills when making a hiring decision – you want to make sure candidates have the right attitude and character traits for your company so they’ll mesh well with your team.

It may seem cheesy, but we’ve created an acronym to help you find the best team members: T.A.L.E.N.T.

T – Teachability

A – Action

L – Likability

E – Enthusiasm

N – Natural

T – Tech-savvy


You want to find people who are confident in what they have to offer, but who have the ideal sales representative skill in that they are still hungry to learn more. They should be willing to do whatever necessary to thoroughly learn their craft, whether it’s by reading books, finding new sales techniques, or attending lectures. Their education is also a part of your responsibility as a manager! Continual training and learning opportunities are needed to help your staff stay fired up about their jobs.


Sales is a hard profession. You need staff that is willing and ready to act. If your sales team needs to make cold calls, they’ll handle the task with professionalism and tact. If they’re closing a deal, they’ll be aggressive and thorough. If they’re meeting clients in person, they’ll be cordial and insightful. You want people who don’t have to be micromanaged because they have the ideal sales representative skills of being able to take on new tasks well and work as a team.


This one isn’t just about finding people who are nice or popular! Likeability is about finding people your customers will respond well to positively. People with this essential sales representative skill may be very different from each other. Some managers hire people who are just like themselves, or they hire people who are more outgoing experienced. You need to find well-rounded people who can connect with different kinds of customers on different levels.


Sales can become dull and boring at times, so find people with sales representative skills like enthusiasm! This doesn’t mean you find people who are always positive or happy. Rather, you find people who can handle the reality of a job like sales and roll with the punches.


Finding people who are naturals when working with other people can be difficult, but if you can find them, you better hold on to them! While work experience and education are good standards to hire by, you need to take personality and life experience into consideration as well. A degree in the sales field or long-term on-the-job experience is attractive. However, if the candidates don’t fit well with your people or your clients, none of that will matter.


While this isn’t a necessity, being tech-savvy is a bonus sales representative skill for anyone in the industry. Having some basic tech skills, especially with specific software programs or phone systems, can set someone apart from the rest of your hiring pool. Every person you hire should have some elementary computer skills such as like typing, writing emails, and working on the phone.

Hiring the Best

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