Webster’s Dictionary defines inertia as, “a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force.” In short, things at rest, stay at rest. Things in motion, stay in motion… unless something interferes. When selling timeshares, inertia can be your best friend or your worst enemy. As a “body at rest,” you may feel zero motivation to make calls, unable to make meaningful connections with prospects, or incapable of securing sales necessary to make your job fulfilling or profitable. If so, these outbound sales tips may serve as an “external force” that will help push you back into motion once again.

Outbound Sales Tips to Get You Moving


1. Build Your Confidence with a Solid Script

Sounding unsure of yourself over the phone can make your prospect unsure of you. If you’re avoiding making calls because you’re feeling uncertain about your product or about your ability to carry a sales conversation with a complete stranger, you may find a cold calling script helpful. Be sure to rehearse the script so that you don’t sound scripted and unnatural. As you get more comfortable with the script’s content, you can begin to insert your own personality and confidence into your calls!

2. Position Yourself for Positive Results

Have you ever considered your posture during your calls? If you are attempting to sell a timeshare in an exotic, exciting location, but your tone sounds like you’re bored to death, your words will carry that level of energy to your prospect. To give your voice an instant energy-lift, shift your body into a more inclined position, whether sitting taller or even standing up during your conversations. When you also wear a smile on your face as you speak, your voice will become more enjoyable to listen to and you’ll find that you become more engaged in your conversation.

3. Clear the Clutter

When you keep your workspace clean and clear, you’ll be better able to focus on your task at hand: Making successful sales calls! Concentrating on your current conversation – rather than playing Candy Crush, reading your personal emails, playing with trinkets on your desk, or sorting through your daily stack of mail – will allow you to more actively listen to what your prospect is saying. Removing distractions can help you better interact with customers and be more prepared to counteract their objections.

4. Keep Up with Your Leads

Organizing your leads list into a CRM software is also an essential step towards cleaning up clutter. Clear your lists of outdated prospects to ensure your metrics are accurate and able to support your sales strategy and keep you ready to make your next connection! In addition to a CRM, utilize an auto-dialer that will help keep your call cadence rolling forward, instead of stopping each time you find a number to punch in!

5. Review Your Prospect’s Past

Sometimes, reticence to make calls is rooted in the simple fact that it feels intimidating to call people you know virtually nothing about. This is where utilizing an auto dialer with prospect preview information comes in handy. A preview dialer provides at least a general idea of who the voice on the other line is and whether he or she has already spoken to someone in your company before. Knowing the prospect’s most recently known disposition can give you a chance to prepare for the conversation in advance so that you’re not going in completely cold! If it truly is a completely cold call to a new prospect, carefully utilize outreach outlets like LinkedIn to find timely, value-based ways to connect with him or her on a personal or social level.

6. Time It Right

Not only should you use these outbound sales tips to get yourself in the right brain-space to make effective and efficient timeshare sales calls, but you need to also get your prospects in the right frame of mind, too! There is lots of discussion and debate on when is the right time to make cold calls during the day. But once you find what works best in your market, stick with what works!

7. Believe in Your Solution

If you don’t believe in what you are selling – whether it’s the location, the amenities, or the services available – you’ll have a hard time selling your product to anyone! Spend time familiarizing yourself with your products and develop a confidence in your ability to provide what would be best for your prospects. Business executive, Jay Abraham, calls this concept the strategy of preeminence. This mindset reminds you that you have an obligation to help your customers act in their best interest always.

Leverage Inertia for Your Success!

If you experience degrees of call anxiety that keep you from getting (or staying) in motion as you promote timeshare sales, you’re not alone. However, you shouldn’t allow your fear and hesitation to hold you back from implementing these effective outbound sales tips that’ll move you towards your next big win! For more tips on how to make your timeshare sales team more successful, contact Call Logic today!

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