Having trouble overcoming timeshare objections? Focus on the features.

It’s not unusual to face objections when you’re selling timeshares. The prospect might say now isn’t a good time, or they don’t have the money. Whatever the case, a good salesperson is practiced at overcoming timeshare objections not by being pushy or sneaky, but by presenting solutions to the prospect that win them over.

That’s right. Solutions. That’s what a salesperson in any industry provides. A prospect has a need or a problem, and a salesperson has an answer. When it comes to timeshare sales, those answers often lie in the features list, the perks afforded to timeshare owners. Features might be anything from on- and off-site amenities to the terms of the timeshare, and everything in between. A robust features list is often the solution to overcoming timeshare objections.

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overcoming timeshare objections

Overcoming timeshare objections: 5 Easy ways to make your timeshare irresistible to buyers

1. Promote the amenities

One of the most common objections to buying a timeshare is that the prospect isn’t on the market for one. This is a valid objection, but not one that shuts down a deal. If someone is talking to you about the timeshare, then it’s likely that they have at least some interest.

The solution? Show them what their money goes into. For example, an all-inclusive timeshare might include meals, beverages, and exclusive access to members-only areas of a resort, among other things. When you demonstrate this to a prospect and show them how much money they’re saving, they might have a different answer. Access to golf courses, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, tennis courts, bars, and other things increase the value of the purchase, overcoming timeshare objections that might have to do with money.

2. Promote flexibility

Another common objection is that your prospect doesn’t want to commit to a timeshare because they want to vacation in different places. When flexibility is a feature, however, this objection becomes moot. Show them the properties they can have access to in other parts of the country. The more flexible the timeshare, the less weight this objection carries.

Being flexible with the time of year they can use the property is another way of overcoming timeshare objections. Most timeshares have peak seasons and slow seasons. Show the prospect packages that have more availability for peak usage than off-peak so they can plan a vacation any time of year and not just when it’s easy to book the timeshare.

3. Promote length of stay

Some people want timeshares they can use more than once or twice a year. A nice thing to have on a features list is a timeshare that offers six or eight weeks of usage instead of one or two. If the weeks are flexible, that’s even better. People like options and they like quantity. Give them a timeshare that offers both, and they won’t be able to argue that the price doesn’t fit the return.

4. Promote family-friendly amenities

Families with young children fear they won’t be able to vacation often enough to invest in a timeshare. Show them kid-friendly timeshares, with game rooms, playgrounds, and organized activities for kids. Some timeshares offer childcare as well, so parents can go off for a while and do their own thing.

What might mom and dad do while the kids are away? Here is where you pitch fun couple’s activities, such as tennis, scuba-diving, or relaxing at the spa. In fact, you might convince your prospects that a timeshare is perfect for a family vacation!

5. Promote area attractions and timeshare features

Some people also worry that they might get bored at a timeshare resort. Be sure to tell them about nearby attractions, such as live entertainment or casinos. It helps if you have a brochure that outlines some of the area activities, but even if you describe the options, you may very well be on your way to closing a deal.

Once you get creative, overcoming timeshare objections isn’t so hard. Think about each timeshare you have on the market and identify the features they have that other timeshares don’t. By making each timeshare unique, you present options that can suit someone just right. All you have to do is understand their need, put on your thinking cap, and solve it for them through the features that your timeshare has to offer.


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