For recruiters, finding job candidates to contact isn’t hard. LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, and others have made it easier than ever before to find candidates. What’s difficult is achieving a connection that results in a response by the candidate. If you do that, you can further source those candidates who will be key impact players for your clients. It can also be difficult to connect with clients as they are bombarded by many people every day. Developing an outbound contact strategy that enables you to be noticed and remembered by your candidates and clients is as simple as understanding the three types of learners.

The Three Types of Learners

Learning new information and skills never stops when you leave high school or college. It’s a lifelong journey and everyone’s learning style varies. Learners are categorized into three types:

  • Visual: These learners makeup 65% of the population and learn through seeing. For example, reading and visualizing text.
  • Auditory: These learners learn through hearing and makeup 30% of the population.
  • Kinesthetic: These learners makeup 5% of the population and learn by rolling up their selves and doing the task rather than being lectured or given reading material.
The Three Types of Learners Graph

While those who are kinesthetic learners may be more difficult to reach, recruiters can still use approaches to contact visual and auditory learners. The best way to be noticed and remembered is to be consistent in your messaging and use a multi-sensory approach. You’ll never be able to differentiate from a list of candidates on what type of learner someone is so this approach only makes sense.

Contact Methods Used Today

A recruiter’s outbound contact strategy typically consists of three tools and are tailored to visual learners.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Email
  3. SMS

Now, consider this:

If nearly all recruiters are using those tools, your message is likely getting lost with competing recruiters and generally speaking, all of the other messages they receive from various sources. How are you going to get noticed? Plus, even if the messages are noticed by the recipient, they neglect those recipients who are audible learners. Those individuals may never return your message.

The truth is that everyone is different and uses some communication tools more than others. Some candidates and clients are constantly logged into LinkedIn and others are more likely to respond to emails or text messages. Others prefer to speak with someone over the phone if they can versus typing their messages. There is another method.

Young Woman on Laptop

The Neglected Contact Method:

When engaging job candidates and clients in recruiting, there’s one contact method that’s either seldom used or not used at all.

That method is outbound calling.

Why Isn’t Outbound Calling Often Done?

With the rise of social media such as LinkedIn and SMS, outbound calling has taken a backseat in recent years. It didn’t use to be this way. In fact, not long ago, calling was the only tool there was to quickly reach contacts. Then, E-mail came along. Then, social media and texting became popularized. The act of outbound calling lost the appeal for some and with these more passive approaches. But that doesn’t mean calling candidates is not important. In fact, 92% of customer interactions still happen on the phone.

Where Does That Leave Us Today?

People are reluctant to make phone calls because either they have a negative preconceived notion or don’t know the best approaches and are afraid. C’mon people, recruiters are communicators! To become the best recruiting professional that you can be, you must utilize all forms of communication and apply them to your marketing strategy. If you need a little help, Call Logic is a popular tool that can help eliminate call avoidance.

Now let’s revisit the contact strategies of LinkedIn, emails, and texts:

How many emails did you receive today that you haven’t opened? What about LinkedIn messages? It’s ok, you can admit it.

Now think about the flip side. How many LinkedIn messages, emails, and/or texts have you sent that were ignored? This is probably more than you want to admit.

The fact of the matter is that to be successful in reaching candidates with these platforms, you need to utilize all of them and make outbound calls.

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Connecting with More Candidates Using Voice

The best approach to reach someone immediately is with a phone call. The phone call is direct and it’s bold. While everyone is busy sending LinkedIn messages and waiting for a response, you can be calling their contacts right now establishing relationships.

Are You Afraid That You’re Going to Get Hung Up on?

It will happen. That’s part of the game, but once you have your message clear, concise and your tone is on point, hang-ups will be far and few between. Even when you do get hung up on, this can build resilience as a professional. As the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Strength is what will allow you to go much further than that of your competitors.

Check out these outbound calling tips

Enhancing your existing outbound contact strategy with calling can help you reach more clients. On the flip side, you’ll reach more candidates so that you can find those key impact players for your clients. Here are some contact strategies to integrate voice and have more connections

Man smiling on the phone

Contact Strategies:

Rethinking the Way That You Use LinkedIn, Email, and Texting.

Instead of spending your day firing off countless LinkedIn messages, emails, and text messages, enhance these messages with voice. Start your contact strategy with an outbound call and if you receive a voicemail, leave a voicemail. Then, immediately follow-up with an email, or LinkedIn message letting your contact know that you attempted to reach them via phone or left a voicemail. This strategy is more aggressive, but if you want to stand out, and be remembered you’ll appear more serious to your competitors who are ONLY sending passive emails and LinkedIn messages.

Prerecorded Voicemail Campaign Targeting Clients

Nearly everyone begins the day doing a few things:

  1. Checking email.
  2. Listening to new voicemails.
  3. Reviewing new chats.

Think of all the emails that are sent to your inbox from the time that you leave the office to when you come in the next morning. How many of those are ignored? Probably more than those that you read. Voicemails are probably far less common for many. What if you could be one of the first voicemails your clients hear in the morning?

An after-hours voicemail campaign can be a key strategy for getting noticed and remembered. Plus, for enhanced production, a calling assistant like Call Logic can be used until 9 PM in the time zone that is being called. Once you have the lists of clients, and your voicemail is prerecorded, calling is a breeze and a major time saver. If you want to take the strategy even further, send an email right after you leave the voicemail, now your targets will have a fresh email and voicemail awaiting them the next morning. This strategy enables you the opportunity to get noticed visually and audibly.

Have a Structure

Consider your targets in your outbound contact strategy and schedule call plans throughout the day or week. Perhaps there are some existing or new clients who you want to reach in addition to candidates. Speaking of clients, if your client is the company owner, 51% of company owners prefer to be contacted via phone call rather than email, drop-in visits, or other media. You may also need to spend some time marketing your most plausible candidates (MPC’ing). Then, as you’re trying to fill multiple open positions for your clients, schedule multiple search call blocks. If you stay consistent, the results will come. Do you want to be more efficient during these activities? Call Logic can help make the most of your call plans by increasing outbound call production by up to three times.

Call at Your Best

Everyone has different energy levels throughout the day. For some, their energy is highest at the beginning of the day after a hot cup of coffee, and others are energized after a placement is finalized. Or, it may be just before the end of the day. The trick is if you can, to make outbound calls when you’re at you’re very best. If you’re having a bad day and it’s affecting you, your tone will reflect that and will turn off call recipients. A better mood will produce better results and if you’re not in a good mood, find a way to boost it. Watch a funny YouTube video or listen to music. Do whatever you can to project the best version of yourself.


In this article, we’ve covered the different types of learners and why it is important to use multiple communication tools so that you can be remembered. Here’s a quick recap:

How Can Recruiters Connect with More Key Impact Players?

  • Use LinkedIn, Email, SMS, and Voice to contact your candidates.
  • 30% of the population are auditory learners. Use outbound Calling to reach them.

Why Should Recruiters Make Outbound Phone Calls?

  • You’ll seem more serious to candidates than those recruiters who are only using LinkedIn or email.
  • Outbound calling is an enhancement to your existing contact strategy.
  • By making an outbound call, you have a reason to send a follow-up email, LinkedIn message, or text.

How Can Call Logic Help?

  • Call Logic is designed to increase outbound call production by up to three times versus manual dialing.
  • Connect with up to three times more candidates.
  • Assist in placing candidates faster.
  • Call Logic gives you the option to save time and energy by leaving a prerecorded message. Or, you can still leave a manual one for personalization.
  • Eliminate call avoidance to push past the feeling of fear and laziness.
  • Decrease the amount of time between calls increasing overall employee production.
  • Upload a script to use as a reference when calling.
  • By integrating voice consistently with a calling assistant, you’re enhancing the effectiveness of your other communication tools.

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