With so many options available today, it’s hard to know which is the best power dialer. But if your current power dialer has any of the issues below, you may want to consider a change.

Power dialers have been around long enough now that there are dozens to choose from. That can present a challenge when trying to determine which one is the best power dialer. Many of them offer similar features at similar price points, making it hard to pick the one that’s right for you before you actually use the product. Some offer the option of seeing a free demo ahead of time, but if you’ve got a long list of options, that can become time-consuming.

In most cases, you don’t know that you have the wrong software until you’ve already committed. That can cost lots of money in lost time and sales, not to mention the frustrations that come with inadequate products. And even if you do like your software, the question remains—is it the best power dialer available?

Whether you’re fed up with your current power dialer, or you’re just doing some homework, here’s a list of things that may mean it’s time to switch.

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9 Signs that you need to keep looking for the best power dialer

1. Not TCPA compliant

TCPA compliance is crucial for your phone sales business. Yet, most companies that claim to offer the best power dialer don’t actually have compliance built into the platform. (In fact, Call Logic is the only one that does!) Why risk running afoul of the TCPA when your software can handle compliance for you? You’ll save time, headaches, and potentially money that might otherwise go to paying hefty fines.

2. Limited CRM integrations

Unless you don’t mind using a spreadsheet to track your calls, you’ll need a power dialer that integrates easily with your CRM to avoid confusion and mistakes. If your current software lacks integration functionality, it’s safe to say that it’s not the best power dialer you could be using.

3. Too many dropped calls

The unfortunate truth about many power dialers is that they drop calls more often in the sales process than they’d lead you to believe. Dropped calls are one of the worst things that can happen to a phone sales rep, not to mention they can damage your brand. If dropped calls seem to be a regular occurrence with your power dialer, we recommend you think about switching to a more reliable system.

4. Hidden fees

We firmly believe that customers should understand all the costs associated with a product before they buy. That’s why Call Logic offers so many great features for a single, affordable price. If you’ve invested in a power dialer that suddenly surprises you with fees for additional functionality, that’s a sign you should look into other options. It’s bad enough to have to pay more for features, but there’s no excuse for expensive surprises.

5. Missing features

Does your power dialer offer voicemail drop? How about click-to-call? Cloud-based software? Pre-recorded messages? The best power dialer out there will have all these capabilities and many more. Spending money on a system that only does the bare minimum will undoubtedly lead to frustrations and challenges, not to mention that you’ll likely still have to drop more cash on other systems to compensate. When doing your research, be thorough in understanding each dialing solution’s full functionality.

6. Telemarketing delays

Nobody likes telemarketing delays. At best, they annoy customers, which makes them less receptive to you, and at worst, the customers may hang up before you’ve even gotten a word in. If your current dialing software comes with even a second of delay before connecting you with your audience, switch now.

7. Poor customer service

The best power dialer will come with exceptional customer service when you need to call for support. Reps who lack a full understanding of their product or who don’t know how to help will cost you time and result in unnecessary frustrations. And if your dialing solution charges an additional (usually hefty) fee for a dedicated account manager, that’s a sign of trouble. Inquire about a company’s customer service when researching products to make sure that when you need help, it’ll be available.

8. Lacks mobility

More than ever, mobility is a must. So many people and businesses have moved to a work-from-home model that some form of remote work is probably here to stay. Power dialers that aren’t cloud-based restrict your ability to work from different locations or have everyone on your team using the same database. The cloud also allows you to work directly from your smartphone, which can be extremely convenient when you can’t be in the office. A word of caution, though: Ask to see a demo of a power dialer’s mobile platform. If it only offers web access, it may be clunky and difficult to use. Having a dedicated app is ideal. If not, the platform should at least be optimized for mobile.

9. Too much downtime

Technology isn’t perfect. It’s probably a safe bet that all cloud-based solutions experience downtime once in a while. But the best power dialer should rarely fail you in this department. If the system you’re using goes down frequently, that suggests that the software isn’t built or maintained very well, which is an indication of the service you’re getting. Don’t pay for something that doesn’t work. Downtime hurts your productivity and revenue, not to mention it defeats the purpose of dialing software in the first place.

Your power dialer is there to make your job easier and help you find more success. If you find that these nine issues come up regularly, it’s time to look for a better tool.

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