These auto insurance sales pitch examples are the fuel in your revenue engine.

Auto insurance isn’t something people think about very often. In fact, for people with automatic payments set up, it might only cross their minds once or twice a year when they need to renew a policy. This is good news for you. With good timing and the right pitch (see the insurance sales pitch examples below!), you can make the policies you offer seem like winning propositions that people won’t want to miss. As long as you provide good value, a fair price, and quality coverage, you can find real success in selling policies with a cold calling strategy

But before you pick out a few insurance sales pitch examples and start making calls, there are some things to keep in mind. 

1. Don’t use jargon.

Your potential customers don’t want to hear you talking about minimum liability, indemnity, or PIP. Use human language. Tell your customer what the law requires for coverage, and be specific. Tell them what you offer and what they get by increasing their coverage.

2. Build a relationship.

Remember, your job is not to sell; it’s to build a relationship and help your customer. Offer them a solution to their problem (in this case, good insurance coverage that comes at a reasonable price). This is, hopefully, a long-term situation that will be beneficial to both of you. 

3. Use body language to your advantage.

That might seem improbable over the phone, but it’s not. Standing or sitting up straight and smiling changes the tone of your voice and it changes your energy. It also pays off in helping conversations flow more productively. 

4. Be prepared.

Whether you’re making cold calls or closing a deal, always be as prepared as possible. Have your script ready and keep the contact’s information at your fingertips. And while you’re on the phone, continue to take notes so that the next time you call, you have even more information at your disposal. It’s especially easy to do this with Call Logic. 

When you’re ready to start making those calls, use these auto insurance sales pitch examples to inspire you to write your own. 

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insurance sales pitch examples

Auto insurance sales pitch examples that will change the way you sell:

1. The quick pitch

Sometimes you only have 10 or 15 seconds to make your pitch. People are in a hurry, or they’re on their way somewhere, but they might be willing to listen if you promise them you will take less than 30 seconds of their time. 

Hi Jan. This is Debra from ABC Auto insurance. We’re expanding our coverage to your area. Do you have 15 seconds for me to tell you about our service? Because I think we can save you money.

Okay, I can give you 15 seconds, but I have an appointment to get to. 

Thanks, Jan. On average, we’ve saved our customers $214 per year on auto insurance, and we have hundreds of five-star reviews on Google. If I could have your email address, I can send you all the details, along with links to where you can find more information.  

2. The email pitch

That, of course, brings us to the fact that you need to have an email version of your insurance sales pitch. Examples of that might look something like this:

Hi Jan.

Thank you for taking a moment to talk about your auto insurance. I hope you are well. Here is the information I promised you. 

[Insert information regarding your policies]

I’d also like to point you to one of our blog posts about saving money on auto insurance. Even if you decide our company isn’t the right one for you, there is a lot of information in here about getting the right coverage for the best price. 

This is the classic “free” information. If it’s well-written and informative, the blog post you reference and link to in your email helps position you as an expert. It makes your company look more professional, and it feels more like building a relationship, and not just trying to make a sale. 

Ideally, you can send this email while you’re on the phone with Jan, or at least immediately after you hang up. When you have your email templates in place, it’s just a matter of filling in the specific information and sending it out. Incidentally, Call Logic makes it easy for you to do this with our cloud software. 

3. The value pitch

If you can’t compete on price (or even if you can), don’t forget the value of, well, value. Point out how much your service offers because there are plenty of people willing to pay just a little more if they can trust the insurance company to take care of everything in the event of a claim. 

Hi Jan.

This is Debra from ABC Insurance, and you may have heard we can’t beat XYZ companies rates, but we don’t want to. ABC Insurance customers value our ability to take care of everything from the moment you call us with a claim. We’ll take care of getting you a loaner car, scheduling an adjustor, dealing directly with a qualified repair facility on your behalf, and returning your vehicle to you as soon as possible. We believe so strongly in the value we offer, that we have a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

You can also combine several insurance sales pitch examples. All three of these work well in conjunction with one another or as interchangeable approaches. Pare down your value pitch to just a few seconds – just enough to create a hook that has your audience looking for more. Reiterate the value of your policies in an email follow-up, and make it clear that your insurance agency is the best choice. 

And remember, before you make those calls, use these insurance sales pitch examples to write out a script or two of your own. That way, you have all the information right in front of you. 

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