Why is a movie script awarded best screenplay at the Oscars and by other awards organizations? The best scripts, those that win awards, do more than tell a story. They move those watching emotionally. When the action on the screen stimulates the imagination and evokes emotion, it is a great script.

Imagine how your potential insurance clients would react to a cold-calling script that can do that. The best cold-calling script might not earn you an award from your employer, but it will improve your conversions and make your income soar.

How Do You Use a Cold-Call Script?

Before you can use a script, you must create it. To do so, begin with a template that functions as the framework and identifies the things you want and need to say to your potential client. A solid cold-calling script template includes many sections that together create an ideal cold call.

The template sections never change, but each section can be customized for each potential insurance client you call. This is the number one benefit of using templates for creating scripts; you can tailor them to the individual and account you are prospecting.

Suggested Template Sections

Templates give your script structure and keep you on track when conversing with a prospect.
Introduction: You need two. The first is for a gatekeeper when you call a prospect at the office. The second is for the targeted prospect.

Value Statement: This tells prospects what you are calling about, fosters their interest and captures their attention.

Qualifying Questions: Your time and that of your prospect is very valuable. Qualifying questions help you decide if you should continue the call or end it.

Pain Points: When you find a prospect’s pain points, you can keep the target engaged. Work pain points identified by your clients into your side of the conversation.

The Close: Whenever you talk with a prospect, you should try to close. It may not always be a close to make a sale; it might include some other action. For example, you could close the cold call by scheduling a meeting.

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  • Use a template to create scripts.
  • Customize the template for each caller.
  • Try to close whenever you talk with your target.