Wanna know a big secret? Using a phone script for scheduling appointments with your prospects can almost guarantee you more sales.

Why should you use a phone script for scheduling appointments? After all, the only thing you’re doing is picking a date and time from the open slots in your calendar, right? How complicated can it be? Well…

For a moment, think about the world of Hollywood, or even independent films. You walk into the theater to see Movie A, and right there in the lobby are posters promoting Movie B. You buy your ticket and the server is wearing a button advertising Movie B. When you sit to watch Movie A, a trailer comes up for Movie B. You leave and there’s a life-sized cardboard cutout of the stars in Movie B. Each of these promotional materials have a date in large font to make sure you know when Movie B is in theaters.

Why so much hype? Why the posters and movie trailers? The online ads and the dedicated website? Because there’s much more to marketing these films than just putting out the release date. The film companies don’t want you to see the movie. They want you to be excited about it. They want you to share that YouTube trailer with your friends and comment on the Facebook post. When you use a phone script for scheduling appointments, you’re doing the same thing, albeit probably not with a multi-million dollar budget and a special effects studio.

That kind of push requires planning and strategy, but it comes with some real benefits.

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phone script for scheduling appointments

5 Reasons to start using a phone script for scheduling appointments right now

1. You can renew the excitement

By the time you’re scheduling an appointment, you’ve already hooked your prospect. They’re interested in your product or service, and they’re willing to take time to meet or hop on a call with you to learn more and maybe even become a customer.

Using a carefully-crafted phone script for scheduling appointments allows you to reiterate the benefits to your prospect and renew their initial interest and excitement in your offering. How you do that will depend on whether you’re talking with a cold or warm lead or even a repeat customer. The point is that you have a chance to add a little reminder to the conversation. And if it’s in your script, you won’t forget about it!

“I’m really excited to schedule with you so I can show you have this software has helped similar business increase revenue almost immediately. How does Tuesday the 17th at 9:15 sound?”

2. Address any lingering concerns

Setting an appointment isn’t the same as closing a sale. You do, however, have an opportunity to work through lingering doubts or answer questions when you make the appointment. Ask your prospect if there is anything they need from you before the meeting or if they have any questions. They’ll have another chance to visit these or other concerns at the appointment, but the more you can work through now, the less that seed of doubt will grow in their mind.

3. Improve the relationship

Your customers want to know that your service is professional, responsible, and confident. Your customer service has to be top-notch. It should be easy to get in touch with you if any questions come up. These are just a few of the things that customers are looking for, and using a phone script for scheduling appointments can help you project that professional image. A script ensures that all the pertinent information is right in front of you, so you don’t forget anything.

When you leave the call, your prospective customer should feel confident that your company is the right choice for them. To take it one step further, you want them to be excited about the appointment. Your business is about to solve a huge problem for them.

4. It gives your prospect an “out”

You want the sale to work out, of course, but the fact is that not every prospect is a win. So even as you’re building the excitement and establishing your professionalism, you need to be aware that your prospect may want a way out, even if they aren’t saying so.

Stress that the appointment is so you can get to know each other better and find out if this is a good fit. Remind your prospect that, at a minimum, you can share information with them that they can use at a later date if that’s what seems best.

Working language like that into your script will help you seem more approachable and more like a business partner than a salesperson.

5. A script increases your effectiveness

This is one of the most significant benefits of using a phone script for scheduling appointments. How can a script increase your effectiveness?

When you use a script, it’s easy to test and improve the language you use in setting appointments. You can switch out words and phrases, move sections of your text around, and test the length of your script, just as a beginning. When you use a script, you don’t have to worry about what you said or which words you used. It’s all right there in front of you.

For that matter, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you forgot to share relevant information on your call. And even with a script, software like Call Logic also can record your calls so you can go back and listen to find out what is or is not working, what information you left out, and so much more.

A phone script for scheduling appointments is your key to improving your overall sales and improving your relationships. It takes the pressure off and lets your customer service shine through.

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