You’ve got leads! Now what? These best practices for call center agents will help you land the deal.

When it comes to getting leads, there is no shortage of best practices for call center agents. There are plenty of tips, including the ones you find here, about call etiquette, building relationships, and qualifying your leads. But what happens once you have those leads? How do you get to the next step?

Whether it’s from your efforts or a new lead getting in touch with you, there’s cause for some celebration. After all, sales calls require a lot of determination and perseverance. A fresh, new lead isn’t a guarantee of anything more, however. 

You still need to build that relationship and move them toward a commitment without losing them. In other words, take a moment to appreciate your success, then build on that success. 

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best practices for call center agents

7 Proven best practices for call center agents who want to join their most successful peers

If you’re still working on getting new leads (and you are, right?), take a look at some of these posts here, here, and here. Pro tip: Always work toward bringing in new leads, but don’t neglect your current leads and customers, either. 

Once you have your new leads, you want to keep them. You want to move them through your process to the next step, whether that’s signing a contract, setting up a meeting, making donations, or subscribing to a service. That’s no secret. The question is about those best practices for call center agents. How do you reach your goal? Here are some proven strategies. 

1. Be patient. People move at their own pace. While that insurance prospect could become a client, they may need months to make that decision. They’ll want to weigh your offer against their current plan. They’ll want to be sure your product will work for them. For that matter, they could be in a contract and will need time before they can sign with you. The point is, these transactions can take time, so keep in touch, keep your line open for them, but don’t assume you’ll get instant results. 

2. Remain client-focused. Chances are good that you have a new lead because something you can offer will improve their life. Don’t ignore that now that you have them on your list. Remember, it’s not the new roof that makes a condo appealing; it’s the fact that your client won’t have to worry about a roof for 30 years.

3. Don’t overdo it. Of all the best practices for call center agents, this one probably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, there’s no need to contact a lead multiple times per day with phone calls and emails. There may be some exceptions to this, but for the most part, keep it on the more meaningful side of things. Send your weekly newsletter or call to check in once a month (or whatever seems appropriate), but don’t scare away your new lead by smothering them. 

4. Take advantage of automation. It’s so easy to automate regular emails that there’s no excuse to skip this. The content will depend on your field, of course, but they don’t need to be anything fancy if that’s not your style. A simple paragraph or two about any new developments or new services you offer (and how those will help your lead) is enough. If your business is locally focused, you could always send out area interest emails such as free zoo admission days or an upcoming festival. 

5. Keep it relevant. Remember that the information you share should be relevant in some way. This is one of those best practices for call center agents that has a lot of room for interpretation, but also a lot of space to go awry. 

6. Offer industry-specific tips. A series of informative tips can benefit your new leads and help you establish yourself as the expert. For example, a mortgage broker might create a series of emails or videos with information about what to look for in a mortgage or how to find the right deal. 

7. Don’t try to sell. This seems counterintuitive given that you’re looking for best practices for call center agents, but it can work wonders. As long as you’re clear on what you’re offering, you don’t need to hard-sell your leads. Build your expertise with valuable information. Build your relationships by helping your leads solve problems and making their lives better in some way. 

Remember that whenever you’re working with either new or existing clients, everything you do has to be about them. That’s always the way to success in sales.

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