With all other technologies available in this virtual world, some people assume that cold calling is outdated. However, there are still many managers who view speaking with a live person on the phone as a breath of fresh air. When done the right way, cold calling can be an extremely effective strategy for making more sales.

Before you get on the phone to speak with a firm’s executives, here are a few tips to remember about the best way to cold call.


Define Your Goal

Your goal is, obviously, to make a sale, but you should think broader than that and aim to also build rapport.

The first step is getting your foot in the door so you can make a pitch to the CEO. Breaking down your goal into smaller steps will make it easier to reach.

Research the Manager You Would Like to Speak To

You should sound anything but cold when cold-calling. With a little market research and enthusiasm, you can stand out as different than other salespeople.

Remember that you are offering a solution to a need of the CEO. So, first, define what their biggest problems or challenges in their firm may be, and then explain to them how you can help them.



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Practice Your Opening Lines

You can open the talk with the same line that you’ve rehearsed and know it works, or tailor each one to the CEO you will be speaking with. Whatever route you take, be confident.

Avoid starting with a question such as, “Are you too busy to take a call right now?” Instead, combine a lot of information into your greeting and opening lines. Try to work in the benefits of your product in your greeting so you don’t waste any of your prospect’s time.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Think of this call as an interview. What else would the other person on the line want to know about your product or your firm?

Is it likely that this executive has heard about your business before? Prepare a mock set of questions and answers you will need to give in case these questions come up.


Make Friends With the Gatekeeper

The secretary or person screening your call may not be the exact person you want to speak to. But the best strategy for getting past them is friendship.

Learn the names of the people who guard the privacy and time of the CEO. Formulate the call in your mind, expecting to speak first with that person so you can be properly prepared. Know that on the first call, you may only get an appointment to speak with the CEO, but this is the first step to success!

Be Aware of Your Tone of Voice

When speaking with the head of any company, you want to sound as professional as possible. If you are the head of your own business, think of them as your peer so you won’t be intimidated.

After preparing and practicing your opening lines, record yourself so you can hear how you sound. The more you practice, the better and more natural you will sound, and the more successful your cold calling will be.

Remember, there are executives out there who need your product or service — they just don’t know it yet! Approach this sales strategy with confidence and a clear vision of your goal. Don’t let yourself become intimidated, but envision how you can help these executives further their own success.


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