According to a recent report from OpenView Labs, it can take up to 18 dials to connect with a single buyer. With an average of 52 calls made daily, the odds are seemingly not in your favor when it comes to reaching a live prospect on the phone. For a few ways to improve your odds of reaching a live voice on the other line, read these key business telephone etiquette rules.

Know When to Call

Knowing when to call is an important piece of the telemarketing puzzle. Often, especially when calling businesses to connect with decision makers, you’ll have to bypass their gatekeepers, also known as receptionists or personal secretaries. A 2017 study by CallHippo found that Wednesdays and Thursdays remain the best days of the week to call new prospects. At the beginning of the week, buyers are getting into work mode and catching up from the weekend to prep their upcoming week. By the end of the week, they’re transitioning into weekend mode, and usually aren’t looking to start anything new. Although mornings are typically a good time to make calls, business telephone etiquette (and the law) requires that you keep the appropriate compliance laws in mind. Consider using a dialer designed to help you maintain TCPA compliance to make sure you do!  

Get Permission to Reconnect

While you may not successfully make the sale during your first conversation, that person is still a potential prospect. Realize things can change. If you believe you have a good case for your product or service, and the prospect seems as though he or she could be promising in the future, be sure to get his or her agreement for you to call back at a later date. If you have a preview dialing system that provides you with background info on your prospects’ previous touches as you’re dialing them, keep an eye out for the notes regarding prior conversations. Be prepared to skip over and circle back to them if you’re not within that agreed-upon call-back window. You don’t want to waste their time when you call them back, though. Maintain business telephone etiquette by studying up on their hesitations and being prepared with strong answers to their previous objections.  

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Don’t Let Them Down on Follow-Up

If you set a date/time for a follow-up call, make the call happen as scheduled. The impression you make on your prospects regarding trust and dependability matter. If they can’t believe that you’ll do as you say from the get-go, they may not trust that you’ll come through on any of your product or service guarantees down the road. The same CallHippo survey found salespeople have a 90% success rate on making contact with their lead on the sixth call. Professional persistence is power. Use notes and disposition updates on calls to keep track of where you left off. Put your call-backs into your reminders for the agreed-upon date/time so that you have a reminder ready. Touching base at the time agreed to by your prospects is simple business telephone etiquette. Even if they fail to remember your appointment or if something comes up to cause them to miss your scheduled call, be sure to leave a polished voicemail message or email and set another time when you’ll reconnect.  

Know When to Move On

You don’t want to feel like you’re stalking someone that you are trying to get a hold of. Becoming an irritation and a constant interruption breaks business telephone etiquette and will set you up for being put on a blocked call list! When you know that the disposition of a potential customer is on the edge, it’s time to give them some space. Your goal should be to ensure they are familiar with what you offer, feel comfortable with reaching out to you when they’re ready, and will respond well to you the next time you follow-up. In the meantime, you can move on to other prospective fields ready for harvest!

Business Telephone Etiquette 101

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