You’re dealing with more call center problems than you need to. Find out how the right dialer software can take care of them for you.

How much of your day do you spend dealing with call center problems? Probably too much. What else could you be doing with that time? You could work to train new hires. You could spend time with your salespeople to see what you can do to make their job better. Maybe you could even do something unheard of, like take a lunch break.

Any job comes with its share of issues. In most cases, we work through them and move forward. We learn from our experiences. We, hopefully, get a little better each time at dealing with poor employee performance, new competitors, or that leak in the roof that damaged the break room.

But there are some unique call center problems that we can anticipate and take care of before they ever happen. TCPA compliance is, of course, the giant purple elephant in the room, but it’s not the only one.

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call center problems

Taking care of call center problems before they take care of you

1. TCPA compliance. Let’s address this first, since it is such a big issue and since the fines are equally hefty. You can read more about the TCPA here, but you can also rest easier with the right dialer software. We’re obviously biased, but Call Logic is perhaps the best way to eliminate compliance problems. Why? Our software scrubs Do Not Call lists microseconds before each call, so you don’t need to worry about your team accidentally calling a number they shouldn’t.

2. Not enough technology. There’s a lot to keep track of in a call center, and if you’re still trying to do most of this by hand, you’re in trouble.

3. Too much technology. The opposite, and oddly one of the more common call center problems, is that there is too much technology for employees to keep up with. There’s a spreadsheet for numbers, another for leads, another for follow-ups, there’s an email program, and on and on. Make things simple with dialer software that does it all.

4. Leads fall through the cracks. Losing leads because you forgot to return that call? Calendar reminders are built right into dialer software, so you don’t have to worry about syncing anything or going back and forth between tabs.

5. Spending too much time on emails. Email follow-up is an essential part of most call center strategies. But it can take a significant amount of time to type them up, enter all the information, and send the email. Why not use templates available in your dialer software? Then your sales agents just need to enter the details and send it off.

6. Leaving voicemail messages. No, leaving messages isn’t necessarily one of the call center problems we’re trying to avoid. Messages can be very useful in building relationships. What we are trying to get rid of is that 20 or 30 seconds it takes to listen to the outgoing message then reply with the message you’re leaving. Dialer software can automate this entire process. As soon as a call goes to voicemail, your team can click, and the software will leave a pre-recorded voicemail while they move on to another call.

7. You don’t know how well your team is performing. There’s a lot that could be said about this. And it brings up a number of questions. Do sales agents remember to share the info they need to? Are they calling at a bad time of day or a bad day of the week? Do questions come up that they can’t answer? Are they spending too much or too little time with customers and leads? One way to answer these questions and quantify how your team is doing is to look at the metrics, which you can do if you have the right dialer software.

Dialer software can’t solve all your call center problems. You’re still on your own for finding the right coffee vendor. It can, however, help you take care of some of your most pressing problems.

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