Would you say that the technology of your sales model has kept up with the times?

Would you say that your sales profits are keeping up with your expectations?

Do you realize that your answers to those questions may be very closely related?

Sales Gotta Start Somewhere

The technology of making a phone call to make a sale is not new. Telemarketing efforts have been around for decades. It’s all about tedious attention to details and hours of training, tweaking and talking.

Most small to medium businesses start out using manual dialing. This gives them the ability to choose who to call, what number to call them on, what time to dial out and in what order they go through their lists of leads. It’s time consuming, exhausting, and finger fatigue from dialing… it’s a thing!

There’s something to be said about businesses needing to “just start somewhere.” However, if you’re needing to see an increase in calls made so that you can see your sales profits starting to climb, it’s time to step up your game with an improvement in technology.

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Technology Takes You Somewhere Better

Many call centers take their first little step into the waters of assisted dialing technology with click-to-call integrations into their already established CRM system. It’s faster than manually dialing, and automatically provides the agents with important information on each prospect that can help support the sales process. The benefit of incorporating technology into the process of sales calls, is that the information gleaned from each call can be captured, tracked and shared, which makes it easier to sell and upsell while on the call or during follow-up calls.

Click-to-call is certainly an improvement on manual dialing, but it’s not your final destination for sales success…

Feel the Power of Power Dialers

Transitioning from manually dialing prospects or click-to-call dialing, into the territory of power dialing, can dramatically ramp up your call center’s sales success!

Power dialers work in tandem with a strong CRM to handle your data and dialing, while you determine your speed and customer connections. The goal of utilizing power dialers, is for your agents to talk to the live customers, avoiding wasting time leaving repetitive voicemails or risking abandoning good calls.

Leveraging today’s technology in the form of power dialers, results in a number of benefits…

  • Reduce Wasted Time
    Utilizing this software that automatically dials the next number as soon as an agent is available, means called customers won’t have to wait for an agent to respond. This lessens the chances of dropped calls due to dead air time.
  • Be Better Prepared
    Power dialers incorporate lead management data to give agents the ability to access consumer information on the fly, and to also automatically analyze that data to produce more organized lists.
  • Continue the Pursuit
    When calls are unsuccessful with important leads, the intelligent power dialer software can help set call retry times. Whether a dropped call, a busy tone, or an abandoned call, retry strategies help ensure that the pursuit of that lead isn’t lost.
  • The More the Merrier
    Although an automatic dialer increases the number of calls made per agent, power dialers ensure quality leads are never wasted. Once an agent is connected to a live call, the dialer pauses dialing until the agent is off the phone. This smart approach results in improved outbound call center metrics including higher contact ratios, improved sales and sales conversions per day, which leads to increased profits!

Power Up Sales with Power Dialers

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to speak to prospects, but you need to reach them in a quick, efficient manner. Especially when you’re working with long lists of warm, qualified prospects, power dialers are an inexpensive way to boost productivity, reduce dialing time, and dramatically increase sales for your call center.

When customers are handled effectively, calls are managed efficiently, and data is strategically married with action, boosts in sales can be expected!  For more information about power dialing software, or to check out a FREE DEMO to see how power dialing can bring your sales team to the next level, contact Call Logic today!

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