Call Logic and Salesforce are now integrated.

  • Call Logic partners with the top CRM in the world.
  • The integration increases outbound call efficiency and sales opportunities for Salesforce users.

Toledo, Ohio – Today, Call Logic announced that the much-anticipated integration with Salesforce is complete. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Salesforce is the world’s number one CRM. Call Logic is a dialer software that is located in Toledo, Ohio, and was acquired by Double A Solutions in 2017.

“This integration has opened the door to new relationships with Salesforce users. Now they can outbound call more efficiently and drive growth. We’re thrilled to partner with Salesforce”.
– Jay Burkett, Vice President of Product, Brand, and Partner Management

Sales – A Numbers Game

From a sales perspective, outbound calling is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more conversation and sales opportunities you’ll have. To achieve a higher call volume, manual dialing practices are inefficient and limit production. Call Logic changes that. Call Logic’s power dialer is built to eliminate the manual task of punching in phone numbers as well as picking up and putting down the phone. For the first time, Salesforce users can now reap the benefits of Call Logic’s automation.

How it Works

The integration is available inside both Salesforce versions: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Users can create call campaigns by filtering existing contacts or upload a CSV file. While calling, the lead record can be viewed and edited. Also, users can add a task or an event to their calendar in their Salesforce account. The numbers are impressive too. This seamless experience can increase outbound call volume by up to 300%. For organizations still dialing contacts manually, this is an efficient strategy to increase the bottom line and employee production.

“It’s a seamless integration that gives Salesforce users the power to reach their call goals faster. They’re going to discover pretty quickly that not only can they reach their call goals, but they can exceed them”.
– Mark Moss, Product, Brand, and Partner Analyst

Additional Benefits for Salesforce Users

Power dialing contacts is just the tip of the iceberg. Salesforce users can also change their caller-Id display. This gives users the ability to have area code familiarity when calling a targeted location. That can help increase answer rates. Also, Call Logic provides an efficient way to leave voicemails. Call Logic’s prerecorded voicemail feature can save up to a minute compared to leaving a voicemail manually. It can lead to an increase in callbacks.  Lastly, for Salesforce users who want a slower approach to outbound calling that’s still faster than manual dialing, Call Logic offers a preview dialer. A preview dialer allows you to view the contact’s record before it’s dialed. This is popular for calling those contacts with who you’ve already established a relationship with.

How to Add Call Logic to Your Salesforce Account

To learn more on how to get Call Logic added to your salesforce account, click here. Then visit Salesforce’s app exchange to finish adding Call Logic to your account.

Are you looking to keep your team focused and on message? Call Logic cloud dialing software can triple call rates, keep your team focused, and even features a whisper coach feature to train new team members on sales calls. Give Call Logic a try today!

Call Logic is a subsidiary of the holding company, Double A Solutions. Founded in 2003 and also based in Toledo, Ohio, Double A Solutions​ is a SaaS company that works within multiple industries providing software solutions that meet the needs of its customers. Double A Solutions also has 3 other portfolio companies: Blitz Sales Software is a sales CRM software designed to manage and automate sales activities. Aline Phone Systems is a VoIP Phone Service Provider Janitorial Manager is a custodial management software for the cleaning industry.

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