What does it take to become a successful insurance agent? A little bit of everything, and a lot of deliberate action.

There’s a point in every insurance agents’ career where they cross the threshold of “success.” Depending on how you define success, that could mean different things.

  • A referral network that keeps on giving month after month
  • Financial wealth and job security
  • Local market dominance and brand recognition
  • Rock-solid reputation built on results and service quality

The list could go on for quite some time. Regardless of the exact definitions, there are a handful of “common denominators” that every successful insurance agent showcases. Characteristics that not only show up in their work ethic, but also in their personal lives, too. It’s the missing ingredients people haven’t told you about selling insurance.

Becoming a successful insurance agent isn’t “easy” or “quick.” These people act deliberately to maintain a high level of performance. Emulate their characteristics if you want their degree of success!

successful insurance agent

7 Secrets behind every successful insurance agent

1. Always put your client’s needs first

Top-level insurance agents have an obsession for solving their clients’ problems. They take the time to learn about the people sitting across the table—needs, wants, desires, problems, and goals. Then they go to work to draw up policies that meet those criteria.

It’s less selling than it is curating. And taking responsibility for keeping clients happy and adequately covered.

2. Stay on top of the market for a knowledge advantage

Being up-to-date on industry news, trends, and market analysis is a deliberate choice for the successful insurance agent. Give yourself a knowledge advantage that others in your market don’t bother to research.

Knowing what’s happening in the industry helps on many fronts:

  • Meeting needs for younger clients
  • Keeping your business practice ahead of the curve
  • Marketing tips and strategies

3. Have a bullet-proof process for follow-ups and scheduling

Successful insurance agents don’t let opportunities fall through the cracks. Their sales processes are sealed tight and rock-solid. Follow-ups for prospects, referrals, leads and current customers make their way into a schedule and always get done.

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4. Position yourself as a trusted advisor to clients

Insurance agents are easy to come by, right? They’re a dime a dozen. More and more, agents seem like commodities—prospects compare, contrast and switch all the time. It all depends on who’s giving the cheapest policies, with the most coverage.

But not for the successful insurance agent. These people position themselves as life-long partners. Professionals who solve real problems for people who want personal service and expertise.

5. Be a savvy marketer for your business

Web content, authority blogging, SEO, SEM, Facebook ads, social media strategy, personal branding – you may have heard these marketing terms before. But are they part of your strategy?

Insurance agents who take marketing seriously – as a cornerstone of their business building – will find greater success. Think of yourself as a brand. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition? How do you communicate that value in your messaging?

6. Develop a referral strategy that’s consistent and unique

Yes, referrals are still king in insurance sales. That hasn’t changed, and it probably never will. But, honestly: do you go the extra mile to secure and grow your referral business? Is there a process for every client you serve?

The successful insurance agent works from the end. She thinks about the goal of building each client into a referral source, and then figures out a way to meet that goal through service quality. She never fails to follow a process of asking and receiving a referral, and building an incentive program that triggers client participation.

7. Use old-fashioned prospecting techniques with modern tools

Psst…here’s a secret for you: if you want to be a successful insurance agent, you have to learn how to cold call.

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