It’s time to update your timeshare marketing ideas and add some heat to your cold calls

Imagine this. You’ve worked hard for months on end. You are more than ready for a week of relaxation, sipping coffee at a favorite cafe, ordering lunch from a lounge chair by the pool, and spending your afternoons playing golf or exploring the countryside. The fresh air rejuvenates your spirit, and the homemade ice cream at that roadside creamery doesn’t hurt either! Just a few small problems.

The hotel you wanted to book is full. So is your second choice. The flight you were going to schedule just doubled in price. And your dog is giving you a major guilt trip because you aren’t sharing your bacon with her.

The right timeshare marketing ideas can’t do much about your dog, but they can prevent your potential vacation from imploding. Or rather, they can help you sell the idea to your customers that their vacations won’t be ruined. No more worries that a favorite destination is sold out. No more worries about booking a flight too late, since they’ll know well in advance when they’re going.

But too many timeshare marketing ideas are stuck in the past. Consumers have access to so much more information than they did just a few years ago. They’re more savvy, more critical, and less inclined to agree to the “hard sell.” There’s good news, though.

Today’s consumers are much more comfortable with the sharing economy, which is perfect for marketing and selling timeshares. Think along the lines of ridesharing or office sharing. You don’t need an office or a car all the time, so you buy into a portion of the service and share the expense with others. People rent co-working spaces, they use bikes and scooters that are available to rent when you want, and they go to their favorite bar to watch a game rather than spend money on a cable service they only need now and then.

Timeshares, in many ways, are no different. They just come on a slightly larger scale. It’s vacation sharing, perhaps. It’s there for the week you want. Over time, it’s less expensive than a hotel. And buying into a timeshare pretty much guarantees that you take a vacation.

Now the burning question for selling timeshares: What timeshare marketing ideas can you combine with cold calls to pull in serious customers?

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timeshare marketing ideas

Cold calls and timeshare marketing ideas: What to do right now to sell

1. Stop selling timeshares

Hold on. That’s not quite what it sounds like on the surface. Do you think it’s easier to sell a timeshare, or a week of food, drink, and fun? It’s not so much that you aren’t selling a timeshare, it’s that a different approach may have more appeal. Remember, you’re selling more than a timeshare. You’re selling an experience.

2. Stop cold calling

Yeah, this isn’t what it sounds like either. Expand the idea of what a cold call is. You could, of course, just pick up the phone and dial some random number. That would definitely qualify as a cold call. However, it’s more likely that you’re using a list based on some prequalifying information. It could be people on your mailing list that you have not yet talked to. It could be a group of vacationers who take the same trip every year. They do fit the definition of a cold call, but you aren’t pulling them completely out of the blue. You already have something going for you when you contact the right people.

3. Stop ignoring current customers

This is a real goldmine. Your current timeshare customers already have a relationship with you, and they’re aware of what you can offer them. So when there’s something new or interesting that comes on the market, contact them. It’s especially easy when you use software like Call Logic, because the customer information is already in your system. All you need to do is hit go.

4. Do value your prospect’s time

Your cold call serves one purpose: setting up an appointment to visit a timeshare. It’s unlikely that you’re going to sell a timeshare on a one-time cold call. Of course, if you can, go for it. But for the most part, keep it simple. Use your script and remember that you’re building a relationship here. You want to get them in the door for a tour. So be honest about the reason for your call. Be upfront about what your prospect can expect.

5. Do remember your email

Remember that your call doesn’t have to do all the work. Follow up right away with an introduction email. Set up your email template in advance, so the only thing you’ll need to do is add any specific details from your conversation, assuming that’s needed. It’s not just good marketing, it’s good customer service. And with Call Logic, you can set up your email within the system, so you just have to click “send” and your prospect will have something on the way before you even hang up.

6. Do make friends with math

Six days in an average-priced hotel room can easily cost over $1,000. The average timeshare sells for around $20,000, according to nerdwallet.¬†Here’s where it gets interesting, though. As a monthly expense, a timeshare (aka vacation) can be less than most people pay for coffee in a month. And that doesn’t count a possible resale later. Nor does it consider the fact that once the timeshare is paid off, your customer has a free place to take a vacation. Not a bad deal, huh?

7. Do make it easy on yourself

Use an autodialer to make more calls and make more contacts. The fact is, when you call, you’ll get a lot of opportunities to leave messages. That’s especially good for you because with an autodialer like Call Logic, you can leave a pre-recorded voicemail while you’re already moving on to the next prospect. And you don’t have to worry about the Do Not Call list, since Call Logic is TCPA compliant.

Don’t let worn-out timeshare marketing ideas hamper your sales. Update your approach and get the tools that will make your job easier and more successful.

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