Do You Manage a Call Center? Do You Need New Software?

If you manage a call center, you have likely seen the frustration on your agents’ faces when they fail to reach their goals or quotas for the week. You’ve probably had innumerable conversations with your agents, trying to encourage them, train them, and inspire them to keep at it.

But you’ve also probably watched agents throw in the towel. And then, you’ve had to find a way to fill their phone with a new agent who, inevitably, follows in the footsteps of his or her predecessor.

Telesales is not an easy business. It can be frustrating, exhausting, and it requires a level of tenacity and moxie that many of today’s workforce fails to possess.

But how can you inspire your call center agents to make their sales? It’s the lifeblood of your business! Maybe it’s time to think about a call center software.

Call Centers Need Software

The Bridge Group, a leading inside sales consulting firm on the east coast, produces an annual lead generation lead research study. In it, Trish Bertuzzi shares pertinent call metrics and points out the value of call center software and dialer technology.

According to the study, the average inside sales rep makes slightly more than 50 calls each day. When using an auto dialer, that same agent made almost 80 calls each day. This increase, especially when translated across an entire call center of agents dialing out, can make an astronomical difference in your call center’s quantity of calls.

Forbes columnist, Ken Krogue, points out that the number of calls made is critical. According to Krogue, “If you make 50 calls a day and your contact ratio is 14%, then you have seven contacts or conversations. If you make 100 calls a day, you converse with 14 people. 200 calls a day, you talk to 28 people. 300 calls means 42 conversations. More conversations means more appointments, more sales, more commissions… Sales is still a numbers game.”

However, sales through a call center is not just about the sheer number of calls made. There must also be adequate training and support provided to ensure that your agents are equipped to engage in quality conversations! As Krogue say, “One or the other is only half of the solution.” You have to provide agents with the right call center software.

Use Call Center Software to Your Advantage

If you have trained your agents on how to have quality conversations via cold calls, and you’re still watching them miss their quota, maybe the missing half of your solution is a new auto dialer software that will help them to make more calls.

Or, if you have highly capable sales agents who are not reaching their full sales potential, increase your expectations and equip them with an auto dialer that can put them in touch with more buyers.

As a call center manager, it’s your responsibility to arm your agents with the tools they need to succeed. Contact Call Logic for a FREE live demo to discover if an auto dialer is the missing piece for your call center.

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