Want to see 10x results from your next follow-up call? Script template ideas like these will book more business—today.

Building a call script is a smart move for salespeople. Yes, some managers will just throw one at you. But those generic scripts won’t do you much good in the long run. Nor will they cover specific types of situations, like follow-up calls.

Follow-ups have their own unique approach. Your relationship with the prospect at this stage is different than, say, a cold call. So you need a follow-up call script template made for your process. Don’t just copy someone else’s word for word. Make it your own.

follow up call script template

Preparing yourself for “second thoughts” and re-focusing your prospect’s needs

Quiz time: what’s the single most important phone sales technique for a successful follow-up call?

A positive attitude? No.

How about talking with a smile? Not quite, but getting closer.

It’s speed and timing. It’s how quickly you follow-up at a time that works for the prospect.

But, as we all know, sometimes that’s just not possible. Things get put off or come up or get lost. It happens.

The issue: the more time you give your prospect to “think,” the more they’ll make excuses not to move forward. So prepare your follow-up call script template to meet these situations and overcome.

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If you sense that your prospect is back-pedaling on the phone, turn the focus away from your offer and back onto his needs.

  • Ask open-ended questions that get him talking. Keep it focused on the topic at hand. Example: “What made you interested in seeking out (X solution)?”
  • Boil down his needs and match them to your offer. Remind him why your product directly fits his needs, and then talk about how he’ll benefit.

follow up call script template

One overlooked feature in your follow-up call script template: leaving attention-grabbing voicemails

Follow-up calls don’t always get answered, even if you’re “scheduled in” on the prospect’s calendar.

Many salespeople make a critical mistake when the phone goes to voicemail: they don’t leave a message! Or they leave a message that is ineffectual, sloppy and downright boring.

Save a space on your follow-up call script template for voicemails. Try different tactics and see what gets you a call-back. Be creative. Record your results directly on the script and takes notes.

A few tips for voicemails that command attention:

  • Address the person by his first name (Hi, Mark!)
  • State your name and your business promptly
  • Refer to any previous connection or conversation you had with the prospect (be specific)
  • Give the exact topic you called to discuss
  • Give a time you’ll be free to chat for a call-back and the easiest way to reach you
  • Say “thank you”

follow up call script template

Going the extra step: setting goals, recording results

Be clear about your intended outcomes for each follow-up call. What’s your goal? What action do you want the prospect to take?

Sticking that goal at the top of your follow-up call script template will focus your efforts. Better yet, it gives you a way to measure your performance.

At the end of the call, ask yourself:

  • Did I meet my intended outcome for this call?
  • If not, why? (list the objections that got in the way)
  • What adjustments can I make for my next follow-up?

Write down any thoughts that passed through your mind during the conversation. Did you catch yourself talking too much? Were there any moments of confusion?

Adjust your script with each call, and before you know it, you’ll have the sales rolling in.

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