Dental appointment reminders play an important role in your business, largely due to those busy lives that your patients live. When your patients forget their appointments, not only could it be bad for their dental health, but it can also be bad for your bottom line. Missed appointments mean wasted time slots. And wasted time slots mean missed income. Dental appointment reminders help reduce these issues. However, smartphones have revolutionized the communication scene for individuals, businesses, and dental practices like yours! You know that when you send an email or dial up a patient to give them a dental appointment reminder, you’re likely to catch them on the phone. They may be at home, at the grocery store, or on their way to their son’s softball tournament, but you’ll be able to remind them of their upcoming time in your dental chair. And even if you miss them, you know they’ll get their voicemail sooner rather than later. While you know how important these quick ‘heads up’ messages are, you have a busy life, too! Your own full-to-the-top life makes it easy to forget to send dental appointment reminders or make it so that items on your to-do list get pushed to the back of the line. This is where automation comes into play. When you are able to use an auto dialer to automate a friendly call to your patients to remind them of their upcoming appointment, you get a win-win situation.

The Power of Proactive Customer Communications

Dentist and doctor appointments are often scheduled months in advance. By setting an automated dental appointment reminder call to go out to patients a few days in advance, you give them time to doublecheck their schedules closer to the appointment. This allows them to not only refresh their memory but to also be able to request a reschedule if necessary. If you need to fill in that slot with someone else from your waiting list, you can. Everyone appreciates a little extra time to plan! According to a study published in Forbes magazine, up to 87% of individuals want to be respectfully and proactively reminded of important information related to the organizations they do business with. When you meet that desire by sending out personalized alerts, reminders, and confirmation messages, you make your patients’ lives easier. You demonstrate the fact that you value their time and recognize that they have lots to do and a short time to get it all done. This builds customer appreciation and loyalty. Keeping a current customer is always less difficult than working to gain new ones.

Convenience That’s Compliant

While the idea of providing automated dental appointment reminders sounds fantastic, there is just one little caveat: Your patients will need to provide their consent to receive those notices via their preferred channel of communication, whether via email, phone call, etc. This simple step helps ensure that your communications abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In 2015, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) enhanced their efforts to protect American consumer experiences by passing a 138-page ruling that required organizations to capture express consent, make it easier to revoke consent, manage reassigned phone numbers, and clarify the definition of an auto dialer.

Sales, Dental Appointment Reminders, and More!

When you partner with an auto dialing software company that is TCPA compliant, you gain the benefits of reducing your risks and simplifying your efforts to provide a positive, compliant customer experience. Learn more about Call Logic’s auto dialer that can help you meet your patients’ expectations and support your practice’s efforts to grow and flourish. Request a FREE live demo today!

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