Looking to improve your timeshare sales, but not sure how? To be a successful timeshare salesperson today, a streamlined process for calling clients is a must-have.

Selling timeshares takes a special set of skills. It’s part real-estate sales and part vacation and adventure sales, and plenty of important phone calls. And your best approach to success? Efficiency. There’s an easy way to do it, though. If you want to know how to be a successful timeshare salesperson, the place to start is with a professional dialing system.

There are plenty of ways to track your calls to clients and potential clients: notebooks, spreadsheets, calendars, and the cringe-worthy pile of sticky notes. While those can work, you won’t get the benefits of top-notch technology. And one of the biggest benefits is higher sales numbers.

A professional, integrated dialer can help you organize contacts, segment and filter buyer data, prioritize sales opportunities, and even take incoming calls with a pop-up of contact information and calendar and history notes about the caller.

So what makes auto-dialing software so helpful? What do they do that can teach you how to become a successful timeshare salesperson?

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How to be a successful timeshare salesperson: 7 Ways auto-dialing software can help you sell

1. Easily store and access information

Auto-dialing software with a powerfully integrated CRM lets you collect, store, and review customer information in one easy process. Not only can managers and supervisors access the information, but anyone else on your sales team can as well. This makes it easy to track customer contact information, where your hot leads are, and who you need to call back.

A clean, detailed interface is surely at the top of the list for success in timeshare sales. With a high level of efficiency in your call management system, you can easy help your customers meet their needs, which in turn means you’ll likely do a better job of meeting those needs.

2. Integrated calendars and reminders

Another benefit to auto-dialing software is the integrated calendar function. This makes it easy to keep track of all your appointments and maintain your schedule, which is especially crucial for timeshare sales since some seasons are busier than others. You can even set voice, text, or email reminders to tell you when you have important calls or follow-ups.

Many salespeople use calendars associated with their email software, but that won’t link directly to customer information or allow you to set up call campaigns the way auto-dialing software like Call Logic will. By staying within the system, you’re giving yourself an all-in-one solution for all your scheduling needs.

3. Analyze campaigns

Get real-time statistics on how your calls turn out for both yourself and your team. This will help tremendously for anyone on your team learning how to be a successful timeshare salesperson because it enables you to figure out where they are already succeeding, and where they need to improve.

Make accurate assesments, and offer immediate feedback with live monitoring and whisper coaching, so your team is always working to the best of their ability.

4. Email follow-up

Sometimes customers ask for a follow-up email after a call so they can have all the information you presented them in one place. With auto-dialing software, email follow-up is a breeze. You can quickly write an email directly within the system and send it to a customer as soon as you get off the phone. Want to send it sooner? Use a customizable email template that you can quickly alter and send before you’ve even hung up the phone.

5. TCPA compliance

While TCPA compliance won’t necessarily help you sell more, it will help you succeed, by keeping you out of trouble and maintaining your quality reputation. You’ll never need to worry if the call you’re making is to a number on the Do Not Call list. Auto-dialing software like Call Logic scrubs both national and state DNCs on a continuous basis.

6. Create more sales opportunities

Targeting the right audience is a huge piece of success in timeshare sales. By tracking which customers you have the best relationships with and prioritizing them, you have a better chance of finding ways to improve that relationship through providing more of the products or services they may find useful.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% as opposed to a new customer, which is only 5-25%. Use this information to your advantage and seek chances to further build trust with people you’ve already established a relationship with so you might turn existing customers into repeat customers.

And if you find that a current  campaign isn’t working like you planned, analyze actual calls with the recording feature. You can find out if your message is off, when your customers might be losing interest, or if you’re missing something altogether. Tweak the message and try again. Listening back to real calls can give you more information than you could ever get from guesswork.

7. Give yourself more time

One of the greatest things about auto-dialing software is that it frees you up to do other things besides managing administrative tasks. This can translate to more sales and revenue for you and your business since you’re not bogged down with trying to keep information straight on spreadsheets and Post-It notes.

Got a voicemail? No problem. Just cue your personalized prerecorded message and move on. Call Logic will automatically leave the voicemail for you. Need to move your customer to a different office? You can transfer them without leaving the call.

Once you have your auto-dialing software up and running, you’ll find that you have more time in the day, and let’s be honest, who couldn’t use more of that? You may wonder how you ever managed to work without this powerful tool in your office.

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