If you need ideas to boost sales productivity, don’t miss the benefits a power dialer can bring to your team.

In the sales industry, productivity can mean the difference between a thriving business or closing your doors. While it’s essential to spend time and build relationships with customers, you still want to reach as many people as you can. Yet, you don’t want to sacrifice that individual connection with customers and prospects. So how can you boost sales productivity and still offer your customers a personal, attentive experience?

The fact is, you need to spend time with customers. Of course, the time can vary depending on the service or product you’re selling, but that’s not the place to cut corners or look for shortcuts. However, once you get behind the scenes, there are multiple ways to boost sales productivity without cutting back on quality. 

One way that’s guaranteed to help you reach more people and work more efficiently is a power dialer. Certainly, this software can help you dial more quickly, but there’s so much more to a good power dialer than that. 

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Exploring the ways a power dialer can boost sales productivity on your team

If you aren’t familiar with a power dialer and how it differs from a predictive dialer, you can read more about it here. In the meantime, as a quick refresher, a predictive dialer averages the number of calls you make to the number of people that answer. Based on that average, a predictive dialer may call three, four, five, or more people at once, assuming only one will answer, and then the software connects that person to you. As you can imagine, it’s not uncommon for more than one person to answer, meaning they are left literally holding the phone while you’re talking to someone else. 

By contrast, high-quality power dialing software does speed up the dialing process by dialing automatically. However, the software will only make one call at a time, so your prospects and customers are never left wondering if anyone is there to speak with them or why you even called if you aren’t going to bother talking to them. A power dialer can also be set to click-to-call, so if you need to take notes or send an email, you can give yourself time to do so before the next call goes out. 

Now, how does this boost sales productivity? First, you can make way more calls with automatic dialing than you can with manual dialing. That’s part of the productivity boost. But that’s only a small piece of how a power dialer can help you. 

One of the aspects of phone sales that many companies and individual sales agents worry about is dialing numbers on the Do Not Call list. Calling numbers on this list, whether by accident or on purpose, is a potential legal nightmare. The fine for calling numbers on the DNC list is “up to $43,792 per call,” according to the FTC

That can add up pretty quickly! To be fair, most of the judgments leading to significant fines are due to fraud and willful illegal behavior. Even so, it’s not hard to make a mistake when you dial manually. A power dialer can take that worry off your hands (literally!) and give you room to focus on your customer service and sales. Plus, software like Call Logic scrubs the national and state Do Not Call list in the milliseconds before a call goes through, giving you extra assurance that you aren’t violating any regulations. 

Faster and more secure dialing are two ways to boost sales productivity, but with a power dialer like Call Logic, you get additional benefits that can help you work more efficiently. Here’s a brief look at some of those benefits.

  • Built-in email templates: It’s not unusual for your prospects and customers to request a follow-up email so they can read through the information you share with them. With email templates ready to go, all you need to do is fill in the specific information and hit send. 
  • Sales scripts: Even the best salespeople find a script helpful. A good script ensures you keep the conversation on track and share the necessary information. But scripts aren’t one-size-fits-all. Multiple scripts help you easily switch among new customers, cold prospects, warm prospects, and people you need to follow up with. 
  • Pop-up screen: Good power dialing software like Call Logic gives you a pop-up screen for each customer detailing important facts, like when you or someone else on your team last spoke with them. You can review previous calls and conversations, find out where they are in the sales process, and track how often you’ve called. 
  • Prerecorded voicemail: This one’s a true timesaver and an excellent way to boost sales productivity. Rather than listening to an entire outgoing voicemail greeting and then leaving your message, you can use a prerecorded message. As soon as you know your call is going to voicemail, click and move on to the next call while the software leaves your message for you.
  • Built-in calendar with reminders: I probably don’t need to tell you how much this helps with productivity. It’s also an excellent customer service call, as the reminders help ensure you keep appointments with your prospects and customers. 

You can work more efficiently, effectively, and boost your sales productivity all without impacting your customer service. In fact, a power dialer can boost your team’s success and make your customer service better. It’s a winning situation all the way!

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