Is your outbound call strategy helping you achieve your sales goals? Here’s how you can develop a strategy that works. 

Your outbound call strategy is failing. Why? There’s a good chance you don’t have one. Or if you do, you haven’t given it much thought. Making a bunch of calls and trying to sell stuff is often the extent of these call strategies. 

But there’s a better way. Your outbound call strategy doesn’t need to be an afterthought. In fact, it could be one of your most potent sources of revenue. According to research by the RAIN Group, a global sales training company, 70% of sellers use the phone to successfully schedule meetings with buyers. They go on to say that “of the 15 most effective outreach methods we studied, using the phone represents three of the top five statistics, including making phone calls to existing clients, past clients, and new contacts.” 

All those articles declaring the demise of cold calling and stating that phone calls don’t work are just plain wrong. In fact, one might argue that phone calls are even more powerful now, since so many salespeople avoid them. That’s assuming you have a good strategy, of course. 

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outbound call strategy

Create your winning outbound call strategy in 5 steps

1. Set goals. You’ll never know how successful you are or where you need to change things if you don’t set goals. These will likely change over time, but one thing that will help is to start with goals you know are achievable. Maybe that’s a certain number of calls per week or to set up a specific number of meetings. Don’t be afraid to increase your goals over time, but starting with achievable goals will help incentivize you and your team to keep at it. 

2. Write your call scripts. Call scripts help both experienced and novice phone sales professionals. Scripts ensure that you share the information you need to, and they also offer support in case you get sidetracked. And once you see how they are working, you can start testing different scripts and hone your outbound call strategy to include the most effective scripts. Plus, you don’t have to read a script word for word. They’re more like guides to help keep you on track and also let the conversation flow naturally. 

3. Qualify your leads. Randomly dialing numbers won’t get you very far. Qualify your leads and try to match with the right people. Are you a recruiter? Try to connect with people who work at companies that are downsizing or relocating. If you run a fitness center, call people who are signed up for local 5K races. 

4. Use dialing software. Yes, we are a dialing software company, but we really do believe in the power of call center technology to improve your outbound call strategy. The right dialing software keeps your contacts and their information all together in one place. You can set reminders, so you never miss a call. You can use voicemail drop, so you don’t spend extra time leaving messages. You can even set up email templates so all those people who ask you for more information can find you in their inbox the minute you’re off the phone. 

5. Train your team. No matter how much work you do behind the scenes, ultimately, it’s your sales team that puts your outbound call strategy into motion. Make sure they have the knowledge and tools to do the job. This includes phone sales etiquette, Do Not Call compliance, and best practices for phone sales. 

Here’s the catch with all of this. Once you have your outbound call strategy in place and in action, you still have more to do. No successful sales strategy is static. See how things are working. Figure out what isn’t working. 

Add more best practices as you learn them. Train and retrain your team as things change over time. You may write, review, rewrite, review again, and rewrite your sales script multiple times until you find what works best. 

One advantage of dialing software is that you can record and listen back to calls, making it easy to analyze and refine your strategy. 

Your outbound call strategy is a work in progress, but if you don’t have one or don’t work on the one you have, you’ll have a hard time improving your numbers. Even if you can only manage one of these at a time, moving in the right direction is always a good strategy.

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