Your timeshare sales leads are hiding in plain sight on social media. Find out where to look for them and learn what you can do to help them find you.

Social media is many things. It may be most popular as a modern iteration of the museum, filled with food photos, cute cats, and adorable dogs. Indeed, no one can argue with the appeal of that trio. Step beyond the LOLcats, though, and you have a goldmine of timeshare sales leads. 

Is it a big jump to go from kittens to catamarans? Not necessarily. Follow along for a moment. You’re at work and need a mental break. You scroll through Twitter and see that one of the people you follow posted a video of their cat running wildly through the house, jumping over furniture and literally bouncing off the walls. Before you know it, you’re watching videos of cats on the beach, and daydreaming about being on a beach yourself. 

It’s not hard to imagine someone taking the next step and looking at hotels, condos, and other accommodations. Timeshares are not exclusive to tropical beach locations, but the same idea stands for ski resorts, cultural destinations, lakefront retreats, and so much more. A vacation is a vacation, no matter where your preferred destination is. And once people get into the vacation mindset, your timeshare sales leads are primed for your story. 

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timeshare sales leads

Your next timeshare sales leads are on social media. Here’s how to find them.

Before jumping into looking for timeshare sales leads, it’s important to remember some basic social media etiquette. Far too often, salespeople barge into conversations with links, sales pitches, and comments that are little more than spam. Social media does take place online and not always in real-time, but there are real people, and it’s good to remember that. 

You hopefully wouldn’t plow your way into a conversation between people you don’t know at a coffee shop or the grocery store with a pitch for your timeshare. If there was an opportunity, you might strike up a conversation and start building a relationship – even if only a temporary one. And you would, if it was appropriate, talk about your experience selling vacation timeshares. Social media conversations aren’t that different. 

If you respond to every vacation photo on Instagram with, “Looks like a great vacation! Check out these timeshares for your next visit to Orlando. I can offer you a great deal,” it is almost guaranteed that you will end up blocked from every account you come across. 

That’s not to say you can’t engage with people. Let’s go back to Orlando for a moment. Go to Instagram or Twitter and look at posts with the #Orlando hashtag, or even #OrlandoVacation. You can find plenty of vacation pictures from people all over the world. All you need to do to gain some traction is to like and comment on their posts. Just be genuine. 

For people looking for a good place to eat, recommend a few of your favorite restaurants. When someone posts a picture at the beach, comment on how much you love going there on your days off. You can do this for any place you live or work. You’re in Washington D.C., and someone posted a picture of the Washington monument? Tell them how much you love taking your out-of-town guests to the top for a scenic view of the nation’s capital. Act as a virtual tour guide. 

What does that accomplish? After all, you aren’t exactly selling timeshares when you tell someone about the best place to get breakfast. Or are you?

When someone looks at a timeshare or any real estate for that matter, they want to talk to someone knowledgeable – someone they know. They want to connect with a real person because any investment requires a certain amount of trust. As you leave a trail of recommendations and insight, you’re establishing that trust. People get to know you. And it’s not just from the accounts you interact with. Every follower of those accounts can see what you have to say. 

But you don’t have to depend on those accounts to build relationships. You have an opportunity to take the lead and establish your own following. Post your own pictures, recommendations, and insider tips. Use hashtags strategically, and you’ll build your own audience of people looking to you for expertise on a vacation in your location. 

Hype up regional festivals, nature trails, scenery, bars, restaurants, and local lore. Showcase your favorite ice cream shop in the summer and your favorite bakery in the winter. You don’t have to stick strictly to timeshares to start subtly making your sales pitch. After all, you’re selling real estate, yes, but you’re also selling a vacation. More than that, though, you’re setting yourself apart from everyone else looking for timeshare sales leads. 

While they are busy buying lists, working on the latest hard sell tactics, and creating an image, you are letting people into your life. You’re a resource and an expert on what is truly special about the location of your timeshares. 

Granted, this may not be the most direct approach to finding leads and making sales, but in a time when people are generally more skeptical and expect a more personal sales pitch, it’s an approach that works. And when you’re looking at your numbers, that’s precisely what you want. 

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