Don’t let rejection bring you down. Learn how to generate insurance leads and keep a healthy pipeline open.

In addition to robust pipelines and elevator pitches, selling insurance requires persistence. That can be hard to come by when the rejections are flowing. That’s why it’s important to know how to generate insurance leads even when many people aren’t biting.

As you’ve probably already figured out, rejection is a part of selling. It may also be the most challenging part. Basic human behavior dictates that people don’t like being rejected, and it can be a challenge to not take it personally. However, it’s a challenge that every successful salesperson needs to overcome.

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how to generate insurance leads

How to generate insurance leads and overcome rejection

Confidence sells

How can one rejection negatively impact your other insurance sales? Too many rejections can take a bite out of your confidence, and if you don’t seem confident about your product, people are going to hesitate. As a salesperson, you have to come across as confident even on your bad days, when nothing seems to be going your way. Confidence generates leads because it suggests you believe in yourself and what you do, and therefore, other people should, too.

Confidence is especially important when thinking about how to generate insurance leads because people often feel as though they don’t need certain kinds of insurance. It’s a salesperson’s job to show them how the product can improve their lives, and that requires believing in your offering.

Overcoming rejection

If you want to learn how to generate insurance leads, you have to learn to overcome not just the fear of rejection, but the feeling of rejection. Perhaps the most important way to do this is to stop taking rejection personally. The prospect isn’t rejecting you; they’re rejecting your proposal. Sometimes they have good reasons, which is certainly nothing to feel badly about—not everyone is going to sign on to buy. It’s when they don’t have good reasons that confidence makes all the difference.

One way to overcome rejection is to focus on your outreach numbers instead of your turn-down numbers. In other words, don’t count rejections. Just have a target number of people to reach out to and meet that target every day, trusting—this is where confidence comes in—that the yes answers will come.

Take advantage of technology

Utilizing technology like the sales CRM that Call Logic offers is another creative way to generate insurance leads. CRMs not only help you keep your contacts in order, but if you keep them up to date, they can help paint a picture of each of your prospects—what they need, what they don’t, and how you can appeal to the first. CRMs also build confidence in that they can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, like automating calls and follow-ups so you can focus on the profiles you’re building for each client.

The best CRMs also offer features like whisper coaching, cold-call scripts, and contact previews before making calls, all of which help build confidence and increase the likelihood of a successful call. Not sure where you’re falling short? Run reports to gain insights into where your campaigns succeed and where they fall short.

Use quality social media content

The internet is a major player in generating insurance leads, specifically with regard to social media. Through sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, you can link to solution-based content that will matter to your prospects, which will, in turn, convince some of them to give you a call or write you an email. This isn’t just about a quick post here or there; instead, post relevant videos, webinars, and electronic pamphlets. In short, information-rich content that helps someone see the value in the product you’re selling.

Referrals, referrals, referrals

Wondering how to generate insurance leads like a pro? Customer referrals. Ask your current clients to leave positive reviews and give your information to their colleagues who might be in need of your services. Offer a referral program, where the referrer receives some incentive for driving people to your business. The best part is that you’ll face virtually no rejection because you aren’t the one doing all the outreach—your clients are.

Be a face in the community

Finally, think about connecting with prospects by hosting or participating in a charitable event that’s important to your community. When people see your values reflected in this kind of work, they’re more likely to want to work with you, even if they hadn’t already been thinking about their insurance needs. Corporate event sponsorship makes you look good, which makes both you and your product look good. Boom. Confidence gained, rejection overcome.

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