If you can set up meetings with your insurance prospects, you’re on the road to success. Here’s how to do it.

Whether it’s your first contact or you are already acquainted, setting up meetings with your insurance prospects is the key to building your business. That’s easy to say, of course, but how do you get those meetings once you find prospects? How do you move from contacting a prospect to having an in-depth conversation with them?

The steps aren’t particularly complicated. Where a lot of agents stumble, however, is in dedicating the time and doing the work consistently. That follow-through is vital in turning your insurance prospects into customers. Blasting out a few LinkedIn posts this week and then disappearing for three months won’t get you that sustained visibility. Putting an advertisement in your neighborhood magazine three or four times each year won’t bring in the numbers you need. 

Keep that in mind as you read through these steps and tips. Because, again, none of them are especially difficult. It’s how you use them that becomes the main factor in whether or not they work for you. 

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The 9 steps to more meetings with insurance prospects

1. Update your website. As an insurance agent, it’s so important to showcase your professionalism and give people a way to get to know you. So, if for some reason you don’t have a website, get one right away. You can build your own and set up hosting for well under $100 through WordPress.org. The frequency for this: Quarterly or whenever you have a major update, such as an award, a new product, or some other news. 

2. Be social. Online and in person, get your message out there. And don’t be afraid to be personal, too. People want to know who their insurance agent is. Post about local events like fairs or charity 5k races. Attend networking events or get involved with local groups doing something you enjoy outside of insurance, such as volunteering or joining a writers’ group or a soccer team. Frequency: At least several times per week, if not daily. 

3. Use technology. Thanks to the power of technology, we can set up meeting with people virtually. In-person meetings are nice, but not everybody wants to come into your office. Be flexible and give your insurance prospects options when it comes to a meeting. Frequency: As needed.

4. Schedule time for cold calling. Cold calling your insurance prospects is a strategic tour de force. Why? First, so few people make phone calls anymore that your competition is limited. Second, you won’t be making truly cold calls. Do your homework ahead of time: scan LinkedIn or Twitter, get referrals, and find mutual connections or interests that you can start a conversation about. Frequency: Daily.

5. Be a guide, not a salesperson. Your insurance prospects know that you sell insurance. So stop trying to amaze them with your sales pitch the first minute you meet them. You’re still building trust, so show them that you are knowledgeable and have their best interest at heart. Help them understand their options and what the different products will do for them. Frequency: Always.

6. Use value to your advantage. You don’t have to offer the lowest price to offer the most value. What are some of the benefits your insurance prospects can expect by working with you? Perhaps you’re more responsive than a big, national company. Maybe you offer bundles that combine auto, home, and life insurance. You might specialize in rental insurance and, therefore, have tons of advice for young people living on their own for the first time. Figure out what your value is and sell that. It will help you stand out and attract your specific clients. Frequency: Always.

7. Offer walkthroughs. Building on the advantage principle, if you do specialize in a type of insurance, say business insurance, for example, offer a walkthrough to your clients and prospects. Schedule a time to tour their facility and discuss potential hazards or areas where safety enhancements might reduce their insurance premium. You could do something similar with home or rental insurance. It’s a valuable service you can provide that can help you stand out as the person to do business with. Frequency: As needed.

8. Make it easy. If you want more meetings with insurance prospects, make it easy for them to schedule with you. Add your calendar to your website and allow prospects to make their own appointments. Frequency: Always

9. Purchase leads. If you need a fast bump or aren’t really sure where to begin, you can always purchase insurance leads. There are exclusive and non-exclusive leads. Exclusive leads, like those provided by HBW Leads, are pre-qualified and available only to you. Non-exclusive leads are sold to multiple insurance agents, so while you may get some promising names and numbers, you’re also competing with other insurance agents for these same leads. Frequency: As needed.

Use as many or as few of these tips as you like. Just remember that you need to be consistent. It does take some energy and work, but the payoff is huge.

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