Selling timeshares? To get new buyers, it’s time to evaluate your approach, get rid of anything that’s not working, and try out some new timeshare sales pitch tips.

There are a lot of outdated timeshare sales pitch tips still around. Everyone is your customer. Write the perfect sales pitch, and your numbers will go up. Push for the close. You’ve undoubtedly heard them, and you might have used some of them.

The truth, however, is that not everyone is your customer. There is no one perfect sales pitch. Pushing for the close? That may work sometimes, but it won’t help you build a relationship that brings recommendations and future sales your way.

As times change, so must timeshare sales pitch tips. Don’t worry. Adapting is easier than it seems. Try these out, and you may find you have more new buyers than you know what to do with!

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timeshare sales pitch tips

7 Timeshare sales pitch tips designed for modern buyers

1. Sell the benefits

When you’re on that first call with a potential new client, don’t fall for the old “features” sales pitch. Sure, there’s a private pool, a spa, complimentary coffee, and walking trails. How many other timeshares have those? Quite a few, perhaps. So what makes your timeshare stand out? What can your timeshare offer that is better than anything else out there? Frame those features as benefits and your property will instantly be more appealing.

Come here to let go of your stress in the spa, feel yourself relax with a beverage by the private pool, and wake up to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee to get your day off to a perfect start.

2. Let your prospect make the sale

That seems a bit tricky, no? Another way to think of it might be to stop talking so much and let your prospect take the lead. If you listen closely enough and ask the right questions, they will tell you exactly what they want, what they don’t want, and what it’s worth to them.

Find out why they don’t take more vacations, or what their biggest frustration is with planning a week out of town. These may seem like simple issues, but they can reveal a lot about the direction your sales pitch should take. Which gives you the information you need to personalize your timeshare sales pitch.

3. Personalize your pitch

One of the most outdated timeshare sales pitch tips is to write and perfect your pitch. The fact is, no one pitch will be right for all of your prospects. You wouldn’t give the same pitch to someone buying their first lower-budget timeshare as you would to someone investing in a luxury timeshare, right? For that same reason, savvy salespeople can tailor their pitch to a specific audience. You might highlight the area nightclubs for someone interested in an energetic locale, or point out the theater and art scene for someone looking for a quiet place to get away.

4. Use a script

This may seem antithetical to the last tip, but it isn’t. Although there is no one perfect sales pitch for every buyer, there is room to write several scripts that you can work from when you’re on a call. Again, one script might be geared toward first-time buyers, while another is directed toward clients who are buying a second or third timeshare, and so on.

5. Don’t stick to the script entirely.

Some of the best salespeople will stick to a script while they’re on a call, but they still find ways to personalize it and make it theirs. Let’s go back in time for a moment to the heyday of The Beatles. “I Want To Hold Your Hand” was released in the U.K. on November 29, 1963, and hit number one on charts all over the world. In the decades since, it has been covered by musicians in almost every genre imaginable: rock, punk, acoustic, orchestral, jazz, Latin, Accapella groups, and you can find the song sampled in the work of several artists. Some renditions remain pretty close to the original. Others take the song in entirely new and beautiful directions. Underneath it all, however, the basic script remains. The lyrics, melody, and song structure are all there. Can you do that with your timeshare sales pitch? Yes.

6. Take notes

Ideally, your call with a prospect will lead to a second call or an in-person meeting. One sure way to blow that is to have no recollection of what you and your prospect talked about on that first call. You’ll need to start over, finding out what their needs and frustrations are, and what they want from a timeshare. Take good notes and you won’t need to risk wasting their time and losing the sale. This is one place where a good CMS especially comes in handy. You can keep all your notes about an individual prospect right in your system.

7. Address objections

Some timeshare sales pitch tips recommend working around objections. On the contrary, not only should you address them, but do it before your prospect voices them. Worried that will tip your prospect off to the shortcomings of your timeshare? Once you’ve made a few calls, you’ll start to see a pattern. The same objections will come up repeatedly.

Go back to your script and adjust it to reflect those common concerns. It’s no different than the FAQ page on your favorite website. You know your prospect is likely to question the price (talk about value) or locking into a specific date (mention flexible reservations). Or, they may say that they just aren’t interested in a timeshare (but maybe they’re interested in a regular vacation). You can confront regular objections right from the beginning and start breaking down barriers that will cut your call short.

Your call system can help you streamline all of these processes, with built-in scripts, call notes, and even live whisper coaching should you need some additional tips.

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