In a bind? Wondering how to grow your sales pipeline as quickly as possible? Then, don’t miss these tips.

If you’ve been in sales for more than 10 minutes, you’ve undoubtedly thought about how to grow your sales pipeline so you can continually meet your goals. Typically, this is something that happens over time. It’s rarely instantaneous. 

But sometimes the fates conspire against us. Yes, sometimes the “fates” are more likely to be our own practices and habits. We get complacent. We don’t see quick results, so we give up working on our sales pipelines. We’re so busy that we neglect to do the very tasks that brought in all our customers in the first place. 

Whatever it is that happened is past. We can’t change that, but we can reinvent our strategy and approach for the future. The current issue, however, is that we need to get that pipeline moving. 

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how to grow your sales pipeline

How to grow your sales pipeline right away

If you’re wondering how to grow your sales pipeline in a hurry, there’s one way that’s nearly guaranteed to work: get on the phone. Start making calls. You even have options. You can cold call prospects, get in touch with past customers, or work on your relationship with warm leads.

In conjunction with making calls, take a hard look at your prospects. Make sure you’re contacting the right people. If you sell high-end luxury vacation timeshares, you’ll have a very different audience than someone in recruiting. 

Don’t forget to call your current customers, either. Ask them for referrals. If you’ve built strong relationships with people, they will be happy to help you connect. You don’t need to do anything complicated. Tell them you have some openings in your schedule or a new development on the horizon and wanted to know if they have any friends who might be interested. Be sure to review your records, too, and try to close any lingering deals. 

Depending on the product or service you’re selling, you may find that a flash sale or a one-time discount works for bringing in new customers. 

These steps can put some pep in your sales step, but as your thinking about how to grow your sales pipeline, it’s vital to get out of the emergency mindset and start thinking long-term. An immediate boost is not a strategy; it’s a bandaid. It might be what you need to get over a slump or help you meet your numbers, but it’s not a viable way to succeed in any kind of sales. 

Don’t ignore these 5 long-term solutions to your empty sales pipeline

Outside of these short-term fixes, it’s essential to think about how to grow your sales pipeline in a sustainable way. Deals fall through. Customers move on. If your sales pipeline isn’t active, these normal occurrences turn into major problems. Here are a few ways to keep your sales pipeline working all the time.

1. Keep in touch. Especially in the case of service sales, like life insurance or fitness club memberships, you have so many opportunities to stay in contact with your customers and clients. Send out birthday cards, holiday cards, call to see how things are going, call to share the news of a new discount they’re eligible for or a new service they might like, or share news about new hours or a new location. Anything you can do to keep those lines of communication will help you retain your current customers and keep you “visible” for any referrals. 

2. Network. Networking may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but it’s an excellent way to build valuable business relationships. And with so many of these events online now, you don’t even have to get off the couch!

3. Be active in your community. Here’s another case where your community may be physical or virtual. For your local community, sponsor neighborhood events, charity 5k runs, or underwrite your favorite community radio station. Your online community may offer opportunities to take on speaking engagements. You could make a series of YouTube videos if you run a fitness center. Blog about insurance topics if you’re in insurance sales. 

4. Make cold calls. Cold calls work. They may not work on the first contact, but if you have the right solution to the right problem (which is key anytime if you want to know how to grow your sales pipeline) your calling efforts will pay off. 

5. Make your job easier. There’s no question that any kind of sales takes work, but you can make that work easier with the right tools. Obviously, we’re partial to phone sales software. It makes dialing much faster, scrubs the Do Not Call lists for you, keeps your sales scripts and customer information handy on a pop-up screen, and records your calls so you can listen back later for areas to improve. But there are other tools, too. Wireless headsets let you get up and walk around while you’re talking. Software like DocuSign lets you and your customer sign deals without having to mail papers back and forth. 

Treat your sales pipeline well and it will treat you well. And in case you’re still wondering how to grow your sales pipeline instantly, and there’s only one thing you can do, here it is: Don’t let it dry up. If it’s always on your mind, you won’t have those emergencies. 

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