When you’re selling insurance over the phone, make your life easier with cold calling scripts that work.

No matter how good you are at cold calling, scripts can improve your success rate. Using a script is likely to land you more sales over the phone for the simple reason that they keep you focused and ensure you hit all the important points of your pitch. Another reason is that, just like someone reading a speech, cold calling scripts make you sound structured, confident, and knowledgeable about what you’re saying.

However, a calling script can also burn you if it’s not well-written. Long scripts, scripts that don’t give enough information, scripts that sound scripted—all of these run the risk of shutting down your prospect before you’ve even had a chance to show them how you can meet their needs. That’s why it’s imperative to take the time to write out scripts that will help you connect with your prospects.

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cold calling scripts

What the best cold calling scripts all have in common

The first rule for writing productive cold calling scripts is finding a hook; engage your prospect immediately. Ask them questions and listen carefully to the answers because you’re going to play off those answers to ask more questions. Once they’re engaged, they will be more open to hearing your pitch.

The best scripts focus not on what you’re selling, but on the prospect. Make it about them, so when the time comes, you can demonstrate how your product can help them.

When you do get to your pitch, share stories about other happy customers with similar problems. Don’t delve into the features of your product right away. This establishes credibility, which makes it easier to build trust.

Active listening is also crucial. The more you learn about the other person, the better you’ll be able to show how you can meet their needs.

Finally, don’t expect your cold calling script to end with an actual sales pitch. What you want is a face-to-face meeting. That’s all. Fifteen minutes of someone’s time where you can talk in person about how your service or product can improve their life.

cold calling scripts

How to know when a script is working (and what to do if it isn’t)

Even with a good script, you’ll still experience rejection. That’s just the nature of the business. But you should be able to see improvement in many different metrics.

Track the number of meetings or second calls you get from your first cold call. See if this number improves. You can easily do this with a call management system like Call Logic, that tracks and saves such data for easy review.

Another measurement to consider is whether or not you get referrals from a cold call. Sure, you didn’t connect on the first call, but getting a referral from someone who’s not interested is still a win.

And of course, watch your sales numbers. With a few good cold calling scripts, those figures are sure to rise at least a little bit. If they don’t, review your text with a trusted colleague to try to improve it.

cold calling scripts

Additional resources

Cold calls aren’t the only time you should use a script. Follow-up calls also benefit from scripts for many of the same reasons. Sure, you’ve already connected with the prospect, but now you need to check in on their specific needs. Prepare yourself with scripts you can tailor to your prospects’ problems.

Likewise, when you call to connect with an old customer, a script will help you stay on track with the reason you’re calling. You’ve got something else to sell, but reestablishing rapport is an integral part of making that sale, even to someone you already have a relationship with. A script helps you do that by providing guidance and structure to your conversation.

While there’s no single right way to format your cold calling scripts, there are tips and tricks you can mix and match to enhance results. This LinkedIn article by Mitsu Fisher offers a few additional pointers, as does this article by Charles Specht.

Finally, don’t be surprised if it takes you a few tries and a little tweaking of your scripts to get it right. You’ll certainly still experience rejections, but having the right scripts can give you more opportunities to focus on what matters, which is your client’s needs.

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