Rev Your Engine and Optimize Outbound Sales with a Power Dialer

In NASCAR, races can be won or lost by the speed and efficiency of a driver’s pit crew. A pit crew needs to take less than 13 seconds to make the necessary adjustments and improvements to a car before it zooms back out onto the track. In essence, your outbound sales team serves a similar purpose. They must make the most of the time they have to rev up the engine of your sales process to optimize outbound sales and get you back on track!

Your outbound sales agents must make the most of the time they have to connect with prospects. Using a power dialer as a tool for improving efficiency is one way to accomplish this mission. Just as an impact wrench enables a pit crew to make tire changes happen more swiftly than with a hand-cranked wrench, a power dialer can optimize outbound sales and allow for more calls to be made more quickly and with much less effort.

Start Your Engine to Optimize Outbound Sales

Here are six ways that a power dialer can get your outbound sales team blazing through the checkered flag ahead of the competition:

1. Use Related Lists of Prospects

By sorting imported prospects from your CRM into your power dialer by similar types of customers (i.e. type/size of business, geographic location, industry, role/seniority level, etc.), your agents can avoid having to switch mindsets and conversation contexts with each automated dial out. These segmented lists allow agents to follow appropriate scripts, notes, and statistics that meet the pain-points of that specific customer type. Using a preview dialer can help your agents know exactly who they are dialing so that they are appropriately prepared to personalize calls and tailor their approach more effectively.

2. Utilize Note-Taking on Every Call

It is essential that your agents are able to keep accurate and ongoing records on each interaction with a prospect. One reason for this, is because approximately 80% of deals are won only after a lead has said “no” four previous times. If your agents are unaware of the number of touches that each lead has previously experienced, then they will not know to how to gain ground and move the prospect closer to the finish line. Using a power dialer ensures that notes made during and after each call will aggregate within the CRM profile. Agents making future connections with that lead will be able to get up to speed in just a matter of moments before clicking to call the next number.

3. Make A Quality First Impression… and second and third…

Studies reveal that only 2% of sales occur when two parties first meet. These few buyers have typically already looked into the product/service and are already aware of what they’re seeking. However, the other 98% will only move towards closing the sale once they believe they can trust the seller, they feel known, and they believe that their problems and concerns have been fully solved. Accomplishing this requires tenacity, ongoing conversations, and intentional follow-up that meets the lead’s expectations. By marking the lead’s wishes for future communications in the CRM, you can better establish trust and confidence. These indications could include:

  • Interested
  • Contact again < 3 months
  • Contact again > 3 months
  • Not interested
  • Number disconnected
  • No answer – follow up later
  • No answer – left a voicemail
  • Answered – (include appropriate disposition at the end of the call)

4. Keep Your Follow-Up Appointments

Using a power dialer helps to optimize outbound sales with reticent buyers. They may not be willing to buy from you the first time you connect (see tip #3). The timing may not be quite right, they may need more time to consider and research, or the right person of power may not be available at that moment. However, using a power dialer connected with your CRM allows you to schedule necessary reminders for follow-up appointments to reconnect at a later time. You don’t want to miss out on leads that may become sales after enough follow-ups! You can also use these reminders for reactivating prior customers.

5. Leverage Time Lost Leaving Voicemails

If you’re still leaving individual voicemails each time you reach a voicemail box, you are wasting precious time. Optimize outbound sales with a stellar voicemail that you can leave at just the click of a button.

6. Know When You’re Making Progress

When you’re unable to track your progress, you can’t celebrate victories nor adjust to avoid defeat. Just as a NASCAR driver knows exactly how many laps around the track must be made before they reach the checkered flag, your outbound calling team should have measurable goals to reach. These may include:

  • Making an appointment
  • Selling a product/service
  • Completing a survey

Using a power dialer, you may also record phone calls for review and training purposes and measure meaningful performance indicators including:

Make the Most of Each Time Around the Track

While there are carloads of telesales do’s and don’ts, one of the most important is to use the right tools that will optimize outbound sales efforts. Don’t waste your time attempting to manually crank through spreadsheets, handwritten notes, or seemingly endless numbers. Race to the finish line of sales each day using a power dialer that is made to help you win! For a free demo of a champion power dialer, contact Call Logic today!

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