You’re a small business, but the level of responsibility that you carry is anything but small. Just because you have only a few employees doesn’t mean that you want only a few customers, right? To free up more of your time as you work to grow your business, you should consider implementing call center software for small business!

Do You Need a Call Center Software?

According to a study performed by State of Digital, a small firm handling fewer than 10 clients can typically handle managing calls manually. However, this largely depends on the industry and type of services you provide. Statista reported in 2017 that the most common industry utilizing call centers was insurance. The next common industries included banking and security, travel and hospitality, public sector, retail, and the telecommunications industries. Your customers’ satisfaction and feelings of admiration for your ability to meet their needs are important. So, if you are currently spending most of your day making or receiving calls, and you’re looking to grow, you’ll likely want to start looking into call center software for small business.

The Expense of an On-Premise Call Center

To describe a small business, you may choose to use words such as “nimble,” “flexible,” and “full of potential.” However, “expensive” is often accurate, as well. Thus, to secure a call center software for small business, you’ll have to consider the cost. When it comes to the types of phone systems available for small businesses, you may be familiar with the on-premise hardware that you must purchase, install, update, and repair as needed. In today’s on-demand business culture, breakdowns and hiccups in these systems can create significant hassles, expenses, and frustration.

Additionally, on-premise phone systems typically require an IT department or employee who is specifically trained and responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all the parts and pieces. Expense + Expense + Expense! Also in today’s culture, there is an increasing preference for remote employee work environments. So, in addition to the financial expense of the system itself, you have to consider the limitations of requiring all employees to be on-site for making sales and customer service calls. Your business will not be able to offer this competitive hiring advantage if you’re stuck using an on-premise system.

The Value of Call Center Software for Small Business

So, if call center hardware is an expensive, maintenance-heavy solution, what’s the other option? The cloud. The cloud is where all the data on the Internet is digitized and organized. To access all of your items stored in the cloud, you need only an Internet connection. No more hefty equipment to haul around. No more restrictive location-specific requirements. No more expensive purchases, upgrades, installations, or maintenance.

Call center software for small business provides much-needed tools to optimize call flow and to help level out the load of call traffic amongst your call center agents. Perhaps best of all, you’ll get updates to your system seamlessly and regularly. When new features are added to the software in the cloud, you can choose to enjoy the benefits right away!

Big Picture Features to Look For

As a new small business, knowing upfront exactly what you’ll need to be looking for in an affordable, cloud-based call center software can be a challenge. However, a few important features to closely consider may include:

  • Call recording that will keep you in line with any essential legal requirements
  • Remote work options for employees who may be working off-site from their home or on the road.
  • Real-time call monitoring to allow for ongoing customer service quality review, whisper coaching, and training.
  • Call routing and transferring to appropriate team members or departments
  • Scalability. You may not always be considered a “small business.” Will the center software for small business that you choose be able to grow with you as your call center experiences growing pains?
  • Real-time analytics and reports in a user-friendly platform to keep your finger on the pulse of your business at all times.
  • Flexible pricing plan options as you’ll need to be able to swing the payments as often as they occur. Generally, this looks like a manageable monthly subscription amount or a number of hours that can grow along with you.

Discover How Much You Can Save!

Whether you need to save time, money, brain-power, or effort (or a little bit of all that!), you’ll find some relief and help from the right call center software. Schedule a FREE live demo of the Call Logic call center software for small business, today!

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