So you need some help learning how to prospect with a power dialer. It’s okay – it’s an issue for everyone involved in any kind of telesales. But what all goes into prospecting? How can you improve it? Let’s start by asking a few questions…

  • Is the majority of your business handled on the phone (i.e. telesales)?
  • Do you want to increase productivity and call volume?
  • How do you handle lead management?
  • Do you or your staff ever have issues with following up on sales calls made?
  • Would saving time (and money) help make your business stronger?

If you answered yes to these questions, and you’re not already using a power dialer, then your prospecting, and ultimately your whole business, needs an upgrade. Some business owners are scared of change, especially when it comes to navigating the technology world, but with the right power dialing software, learning how to prospect with a power dialer will come easily.

Prospecting with a Power Dialer

When you’re building your business, your prospects are the lifeblood. If you don’t have potential customers, you won’t have a business for very long. Usually, prospecting takes up a lot of your time. You get leads from a source, and you plow through the list, making a manual phone call for each one. Then you have to deal with hang-ups, calls where no one answers, feeling flustered on a voicemail, and figuring out wrong numbers. It’s a headache and a hassle! When you prospect with a power dialer, you not only have all of your prospect information stored in one place, but you can also input as many leads as needed into a call list. Best yet, the dialer does the calling work for you. Power dialers are suitable for all types of campaigns, from customer follow-ups to automated calls (like shipment notifications) and automated reminders (such as debt collection warnings and appointment reminders) A power dialer can help your staff be proactive with their customers, giving them the option to handle a problem or help as needed before the customer even thinks about it. It can generate more sales than any other tool, as it helps to connect with the right prospects at the right time. Here’s why you should prospect with a power dialer:

IT SAVES TIME – No more dealing with manual calling or missing calls. A power dialer can help you automatically connect to the next prospect on your list without missing a beat. You can virtually eliminate unproductive calls (unanswered calls, busy signals, automated voicemails, and dropped numbers). They’re all discarded before they reach your ear.

IT KEEPS YOUR ORGANIZED – By housing all of the information for each and every call on your prospecting list, you literally have the world at your fingertips. You can prerecord voicemail messages, handle follow-up emails right from your dashboard, and make notes on calls. This means that the next person who speaks to this customer has all of his or her information on hand. While having autonomy is a good thing with telesales, it’s also good to have a unified front for your customer base to rely on.

IT KEEPS THINGS LOCAL – Depending on what part of the sales industry you find yourself in, your focus may be on selling locally. If that’s the case, your potential customers don’t want to see an 800 number pop up on their caller ID. That’s almost a guaranteed missed call for your staff. When you prospect with a power dialer, you can customize your caller ID information so that it shows up as a local number. This immediately increases the number of calls that are answered.

IT HELPS WITH MANAGEMENT – Whether you’re working alone from home, managing a lot of people in one large office, or you’re juggling multiple offices with numerous phones, a power dialer is capable of handling it all. If you’re leading a large group, you can create supervisors and teams of callers within the program, keeping everyone on the same page. You can run reports, set up campaigns, and integrate the power dialer with any other CRM you may be using.

Upgrade Your Prospecting Today

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