Discover how a few simple changes to your calls can help you set sales appointments more effectively and achieve your goals.

Picture this. You’re making calls, and almost every person you speak with is willing to set sales appointments with you. It might sound like fiction, but it’s more possible than many salespeople realize. 

Salespeople often assume that they will run into objections or that most people won’t want to talk to them. The belief is that most calls will lead to dead ends, so we work to minimize the impact of these rejections. We consider them part of the process. 

Certainly, objections and rejections happen. And it’s good to prepare for those occurrences. There are numerous strategies to help reframe objections or navigate lost opportunities. But what if that energy went into planning for success? How much would careers and livelihoods improve if the assumption was that it’s easier to set sales appointments than we usually believe? 

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7 Ways to more successfully set sales appointments every day

There is a lot of pressure in outbound phone sales to make every call a win. At the same time, we know that most calls go unanswered. In fact, the FCC now allows phone companies to automatically enroll consumers in call blocking services. 

Let’s set those calls aside, though. With dialer software, you can quickly move on from those, or if the call goes to voicemail, your software can leave a message for you. (For more tips on creating messages that work, check out the articles here and here.)

When your calls do get answered? That’s your chance to thrive. To shine! How? Remember, these calls are to set sales appointments. You don’t need very much time. Think of this as the movie preview. You want to pique interest and hook your listener. You aren’t trying to sell anything just yet. This call is a building block to something more. Try these tips to make the call work. 

1. Keep it short and to the point. Again, your goal is to set sales appointments. You don’t need a lengthy conversation. Introduce yourself, your company, and your ask. “Hi, this is Jen Smith with Call Logic. I’m calling to schedule an appointment to share a new technology that could help you triple your conversion rate. Could we meet for about 20 minutes on Tuesday or Wednesday next week?”

2. Mention references if you have them. A connection will give you some credibility, so if someone recommends that you call this person, be sure to mention it in your opening. 

3. Know the person you’re calling. This is where good dialer software comes in especially handy. If you already have information on your prospect, such as a call history or engagement records, software like Call Logic gives you a little pop-up screen with that info. The more familiar you are with them, the more you can personalize any conversation. For example, if you’re trying to set sales appointments with restaurant owners, it’s best to offer times outside the breakfast or lunch rush. 

4. Keep a script easily accessible. Again, dialer software makes this easy. In any case, however, it’s helpful to have a script or list of talking points. You don’t have to read from it word for word or sound like a robot, but you also don’t want to leave out anything important. And while you probably don’t need to rely on a script very much just to set an appointment, you never know where the conversation could go.

5. Put the meeting in your calendar. Right away! This should be an easy one to remember. You scheduled an appointment. The last thing you want to do is forget what day or time it was. So if, for some reason, you didn’t put the meeting in your calendar as you were talking with your prospect, do it right away when you hang up. 

6. Send a reminder email. Reminder emails aren’t just a courtesy; they’re also a chance for you to soft sell your product or service. “Hi, (Jen/Ms. Smith, etc.). Thank you for scheduling time to meet with me on Wednesday (insert date) at 2 p.m. I’m excited to share with you and learn more about the way your business runs so we can design a custom solution that will help your company grow.”

7. Remember your goal. As much as you may have the urge to sell, you’re only working to set sales appointments on these calls. Don’t push things.

High-quality dialer software can help you make more calls, leave voicemails, schedule reminders, keep scripts and prospect information easily accessible, and help with overall organization.

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