Sales not where you want them to be? Auto-dialer software can help you turn those numbers around by allowing you to play smarter, not harder.

The telesales landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade or so, and perhaps more so as so many businesses pivoted to remote models to stave off the COVID-19 pandemic. But even before the global shift in business practices, phone sales had shifted as technology, such as auto-dialer software, became more available and more sophisticated.

It’s hard to imagine a sales business that doesn’t have at least some automation built into it. Still, even if you have invested in auto-dialer software, perhaps you’re not reaping as many benefits as you could, or worse—maybe you’re not seeing the benefit at all.

The good news is that there are many ways in which you can use auto-dialer software to maximize your team’s potential and see more deals come to fruition.

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8 Ways to get more from your auto-dialer software

1. Winning the numbers game

Sales is, in part, a numbers game. As the old saying goes, the more calls, the more sales. Certainly, there’s much more to it than that. And while auto-dialer software can drill much deeper—as we’ll see—just the increased number of calls your salespeople can make in a day will likely lead to more success. With an auto-dialer, sales reps no longer have to take time to look up numbers and manually dial them into a phone—a process that can consume a significant amount of time when you add it all up. All that spare time can be spent making more calls and hopefully making more sales!

Pro-tip: The “numbers game” only works if you’re still having meaningful conversations with people. No automation will ever be a replacement for being a good sales rep. But even if you can only add ten meaningful calls a day, that’s better than twenty generic calls.

2. Maintain and reference client information

If your auto-dialer software integrates with a CRM, which Call Logic does, you can store all of the information you need about each of your clients right at your fingertips. When the auto-dialer makes a new call, the relevant client information will appear on the screen, making you ready in just seconds to engage in a meaningful conversation with a lead. You can also keep notes or recordings, which you can reference to refine your sales strategy, unique to each client. Say goodbye to pens, paper, and clumsy files. Everything you need is in your auto-dialer!

3. Record and refine

You can also use an auto-dialer to record your calls. Your sales reps can then take some of their newfound free time to review calls and analyze what worked and what didn’t, make sure that they took note of all the essential points, and otherwise tailor their sales strategy to an individual client’s needs. That said, if you use the record function, make sure that the person on the other end of the phone knows. A simple disclaimer that “this call is being recorded for quality assurance” should do the trick!

4. No compliance stress

Telesales agents know that there are a lot of compliance requirements out there for making sales calls. At Call Logic, our auto-dialers are always up to date with the changing compliance rules as well as state and national Do Not Call lists, so your agents can spend less time worrying about call compliance and more time focused on growing the relationships with their clients.

5. Voicemail drop

Apart from manual dialing, voicemails can take up a ton of unnecessary time, not to mention that they put you on the spot to deliver a pre-sales pitch enticing enough to get a call back. With voicemail drop, you can record your messages ahead of time, and when your call is sent to voicemail, click a button, and your message will drop into the client’s mailbox while you’re already on your way to the next call. An added benefit is that since you’re pre-recording the voicemails, you can make sure to be succinct, touch on all the important points, and end off with a call to action. You’ll also have a chance to refine the message so that they’re as brief as possible, making it more likely the client will listen to the whole thing.

6. Email follow-up

With auto-dialer software, you no longer have to remember to go back and follow up with a client. Instead, you can automate the email process to send a follow up whenever you deem best following the call. Do be careful, however, not to have emails that sound too generic. You still want the client to know that you care about their individual needs, but if you can automate even part of the process, you’ll save time and probably continue more conversations.

7. Whisper coaching

The best way to train an employee is to hear what they’re doing on their calls and provide guidance. With whisper coaching, a manager can listen to a rep’s calls and coach in real-time without the client hearing a word. This is a great way to build confidence in sales reps while also steering them towards more wins than losses.

8. Run reports, identify trends

Another way auto-dialer software can help with productivity is through the reports function. Run reports that give you concrete data on the number of calls made, the number of calls returned, calls that have led to next steps or sales, etc. You can even drill down as far as each employee so you can help your teams identify where they’re successful and where they need to do some work. Use these analytics to tell the story of your sales business, then change the narrative to your liking moving forward!

Your auto-dialer software is a powerful sales tool, but it’s up to you to use it to your advantage.

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