Looking to get more out of your cold calling scripts? Here are a few quick and easy steps you can take towards cold calling success!

Sales may be one of the oldest jobs out there, and selling to strangers over the phone is one of the more challenging aspects of this. Even the best success rates may feel low compared to how many calls you make, and despite the volume of calls, staying focused can prove difficult. That’s why so many phone sales professionals use cold calling scripts.

Of course, not all cold calling scripts are created equal. Perhaps you’ve found this article because even with a script, many of your calls still seem to be dead ends. While there’s no magic formula that guarantees cold calling success, there may be a few things you can do to your scripts that will lead to the connect rate improvements you might be looking for.

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cold calling scripts

Try out some of these tips to polish your cold calling scripts and connect with more potential customers.

1. Make it fun

This seems like the type of advice you’d get tacked on to the end of a post about cold calling scripts, but using this as a guideline for writing and delivering scripts can be an essential component for success. Let’s be honest: It’s more likely that your prospect will be especially unimpressed if you don’t sound thrilled to be on the phone.

After stating your name and company, say something interesting and engaging before you launch into your pitch. It could be in reference to something you know about your prospect from research you’ve done on them, or it could have to do with a well-known cultural event that happened recently. Whatever it is, make a note of this on your script template and apply it to all of the cold-calling scripts you use. The point isn’t to waste time; rather, it’s to get a conversation going instead of going straight to a pitch, which can be a little easier for a prospect to shut down. Keeping things fun will also make it easier to follow up!

2. Review the language you use

Word choice plays a more prominent role in successful communications than many people realize, and cold calling scripts are no different. Whether we know it or not, the words we read and hear help us create images in our heads, which then help inform our processing of information and cultivate responses. Words like “imagine,” “opportunity,” and “excited,” help get someone’s imagination going in a positive way while also opening them up to entertain whatever it is you might be suggesting. Using a prospect’s name is also a great way to get them feeling connected and taking a moment to hear what you have to say.

On the flip side, try to avoid gimmicky words like “limited time” or “special offer” until later in the conversation or at all if you’re using them to create an urgency that isn’t there. Many prospects will pick up on this these days and turn away immediately.

3. Get the prospect talking

One of the things phone sales professionals struggle with the most regarding cold calling scripts is that they center too much of the conversation on themselves or their pitch. In all honesty, no matter how much research you do on a prospect, they’re likely to be suspicious if you come in telling them things about themselves that they haven’t told you. Instead, lead them to the water, so to speak. Ask them questions about themselves, their professional successes and challenges, and make sure to be steering towards your solution for them. Empowering them this way will help them lower any guards that might be up. They’ll be extra interested in your offering if it appears to be coincidental or otherwise unexpected rather than targeted.

4. Customize scripts

If you’re new to cold calling scripts, you may have noticed that you can’t use the same script verbatim for each person you call. Be sure to take the time to tailor your scripts for each prospect so you’ll be addressing their specific needs. (This also helps you sound less like a salesperson, which can improve prospect reception.)

5. Don’t leave them easy outs

If your script starts with anything along the lines of, “Is now a good time?”—cut it immediately. Even if it is a good time, someone who doesn’t want to talk will likely say no and be done with it. Don’t make it that easy. Ask questions that are interesting and that stimulate conversation. Checking to see if you’re an inconvenience may seem like a nice, respectful thing to do, but it probably won’t help your success.

6. Include evidence

Cold calling scripts are a great place to write out bits of evidence showing the value of your offering so that you don’t forget to include them or accidentally misquote the numbers or testimonials. If you can demonstrate with facts what makes your offering the best solution for a prospect’s problem, you will almost certainly stand a better chance of reaching your next steps than if you ask them to take your word for it.

7. Summarize the call at the end

Okay, this is a little bit trickier to include in an actual script, but you can certainly put a reminder in the script and maybe some bullet-points of things you’ve likely covered. Summarize your discussion and intended next steps and ask the prospect to confirm. This helps lock in a strong lead, knowing that the prospect is ready and willing to take the next steps.

8. Always have an ending in mind

Whether you’re looking for a follow-up meeting or trying to close a sale right away, make a note on your script for what your desired outcome is and try to stick to it even if the conversation has veered in a different direction. This will also help you keep the entire call focused, so you don’t accidentally shift gears and get thrown off your game.

If your cold calling leaves a bit to be desired, and your outcomes aren’t what you need, try these tips. You might find that picking up that phone results in a lot more sales.

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