Real estate cold-calling scripts can win you a surprising amount of business. Here’s how to write a script that works. 

Real estate and cold calling are made for each other. They’re like birthdays and cake, beer and pizza, or Sundays and barbecues. To get the most from the pairing, though, you need real estate cold-calling scripts that set you up for success.

Of course, there’s more to it than just a script. Your own sales skills have a big role in this, too. However, a good script keeps you on message and ensures you cover some of the important details you need to cover with cold calls. 

Let’s take a look at some real estate cold-calling script ideas and learn how they fit into an overall strategy. 

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9 Things you need to know for effective real estate cold-calling scripts

There’s so much more to effective real estate cold-calling scripts than the actual script itself. You need to consider things like compliance with federal and state regulations, your audience, the type of information you want to share, how much to share in one call, and, perhaps most importantly, how the call and the script are going to help you build a relationship with the person on the other end of the line. 

1. Compliance. Before getting too far into writing a real estate cold-calling script, it’s important to remember that, as per FTC regulations, you need to “promptly disclose” some pieces of information. These include your name or the company for whom you are calling, the reason for your call (i.e. sales call), and “The nature of the goods or services being offered.” These all need to come before any sales pitch. The good news is that this gives you a start on your script, and these are also things you would want to share, anyway. 

2. Determine your goal. What is your goal for a real estate cold-calling script? Are you trying to set up an in-person meeting? Are you hoping to build a list of referrals for future sales? Answering these questions will help guide your script writing. 

3. Anticipate questions. There are some common questions you’ll get, depending on what type of real estate you’re involved with. Can you answer these questions within your script? These might range from how much experience you have to your commission to what the neighborhood is like. 

4. Anticipate rejections. Rejections and objections happen. It’s part of sales, and it’s part of cold calling. However, a rejection doesn’t need to be the end of your career. Plan for them. Figure out how you’ll work through them. You may already have a list of common objections from potential clients. 

5. Leave space. Remember that your script is a guide, so leave room for the magic that is your real estate sales skills. The script is there to keep you on track, help you out of jams, and ensure you cover any required information.

6. Write several scripts. This applies mostly if you’re calling several types of people. For example, you would use one script for someone interested in buying or leasing property and a different script for a seller. You might also get more detailed, and have a script for a first-time buyer and another for someone who owns several properties. 

7. Make it catchy. Your real estate cold-calling script needs to catch someone’s attention within seconds. For example, you might say, “I’m calling because we noticed your business lease is expiring soon, and we’d like to offer you a deal on a new property.” Or that could go something like this: “I’m calling because I believe we can save you up to $1200 per month on a new lease for your business.”

8. Take advantage of referrals. Referrals are an excellent source of lead generation, but they can also be a good point of connection once you’re talking to someone. Feel free to drop some names into your real estate cold-calling script, and you might be surprised how much headway you make. For instance, “Hi, I’m Jesse Smith from ABC Real Estate. Ron Summer suggested reaching out to you about our first-time homebuyer program.”

9. Take notes. You never know when a cold call will turn into a repeat customer; that’s why it’s important to take detailed notes. And with software like Call Logic, you can keep those notes handy, along with the prospect’s phone number and history of calls. 

Do it well, with a good real estate cold-calling script, and you’ll find that the phone can be one of your biggest business assets.

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