Inside sales vs. telemarketing: Is one approach better than the other for increasing your sales numbers?

You have a telephone. You have a product or service to sell. You call people and attempt to make a sale. In the inside sales vs. telemarketing debate, is there any difference? You might not be surprised to discover there are some differing opinions on this. Both approaches may include cold calls, generating leads, and phone sales. Some definitions of the two aren’t terribly different, and in fact, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines telemarketing as “the marketing of goods or services by telephone,” which sounds an awful lot like inside sales.

Others argue the differences between inside sales vs. telemarketing are enormous. They cite different levels of training and intention between the two. Writing in Forbes, Ken Krogue sums up the contrast, saying that telemarking is a “single-call close, almost always targeting a small-ticket, business to consumer (B2C) model.” Inside sales, on the other hand, “requires multiple calls or ‘touches’ to create a sales close, involves medium or large ticket goods and services, and targets business-to-business (B2B) or high-end business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.”

Krogue points out that inside salespeople take advantage of power dialing technology (like Call Logic!) with updated predictive analytics and big data. Although it seems reasonable that smart telemarketing companies would do the same.

Regardless of the differences, there are plenty of tools and techniques that can work equally well in both versions of phone sales, leading to more success for sales reps and businesses alike.

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inside sales vs telemarketing

Inside sales vs. telemarketing: Boosting your sales with both approaches

Definitions aside, if you’re in the sales field, you want to increase your successes, and there is a multitude of technology available to help you.

It’s probably safe to assume you have a CRM. Ideally, that CRM integrates seamlessly with your auto dialing software. For instance, Call Logic and Blitz Sales Software have compatibility that can increase your productivity by 300% – and that’s without buying additional equipment.

Some of the less obvious technology, however, might be as basic as a high-quality wireless headset. Why? Study after study points out the benefits of standing, moving, and overall body language, both for our own health, and as a way to improve sales numbers. Yes, even over the phone.

As compared to slouching or sitting hunched over a phone or keyboard, good posture is proven to increase confidence and our ability to solve problems. Another analysis of 55 scientific studies found a positive correlation between good posture and an improved outlook.

Returning to the wireless headset, without being hindered by a handheld device, you can stand up, move around, and otherwise take steps (literally and figuratively) to stand up straight, put your shoulders back, and breathe deeply.

Due to the varying requirements of different locations, the best way to find your wireless headset is to try a few different styles. You might opt for noise-canceling headphones if you’re in a busy office or something lightweight if you plan to use them for long periods.

And the most efficient way to use that wireless is headset is to couple it with cloud-based auto dialing technology. Solutions like Call Logic will free you to make more calls, leave more messages, and talk to more clients. You can save time by automatically leaving a pre-recorded voicemail and moving on to your next call. You’ll never miss a callback appointment, thanks to a built-in calendar with reminders, and best of all, you don’t have to continually look over your shoulder worrying about compliance. Call Logic includes continuous scrubbing of the national and state Do Not Call lists.

Of course, since you’re making calls, you need prospects, which is why a lead generation provider is essential. Online hubs like Salesgenie offer B2B and B2C leads filtered by industry or location, and include detailed profiles to make it easier for you to connect with the right people.

Inside sales vs. telemarketing: What matters most

Whatever you want to call it, inside sales, telemarketing, or just plain old sales, you have the power to improve your numbers no matter what tools you’re working with. For instance, did you know that the most successful sales reps use inclusive words like “us,” “we,” and “our” ten times more than unsuccessful sales reps, according to recent statistics released by Hubspot?

There’s also science to back the power of positivity in sales. Simply saying, “good morning,” or mentioning a sunny weather forecast, is shown to increase tips for servers. There’s no reason to believe that can’t extend to phone sales conversations.

On the other side of that, it’s a bad idea to comment negatively about your competitors. Even in the case where a potential customer asks you about them, and even when there is a legitimate reason to say something about them, it’s best to simply say that you prefer to focus on positive relationships and move on. You don’t want to be seen as someone who bad-mouths a competitor. After all, the person you’re talking to doesn’t know you won’t say bad things about them, either.

Remember to focus on the benefits. It doesn’t matter how many state-of-the-art features your product has or how much training goes into the service you provide. Your potential customers want to know one thing: how will your product or service solve a problem or increase their quality of life. It’s that simple.

The right tools and technology can make your process more efficient, more enjoyable, and more organized. But when it comes to success, the one thing that matters above all else is you. Your attitude, your approach, your connections, and relationships are what make you successful in a sales career.

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