Looking for greater success with phone sales? Try adopting these five tested and proven call center behaviors.

If you watch long enough, you’ll notice that the most successful phone sales agents have some specific call center behaviors or habits. Some of these behaviors are obvious, but there are also a number of subtle actions and characteristics that help them bring in more sales, acquire more satisfied clients and customers, and make them the envy of everyone else at work. 

What are these behaviors? What makes one agent so successful while another flounders? It’s easy to say that sales skills or relationship nurturing are the building blocks of success, but what does that mean? 

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call center behaviors

5 Call center behaviors that lead to success

1. Active listening. Whether you work in customer service, outbound sales, real estate, or nearly any other field, active listening is one of the most critical call center behaviors any agent can employ. Active listening is one of the most fundamental pieces of building a solid relationship with clients and prospects. It’s also much more challenging than it sounds. Active listening requires us to stop thinking about what we’re going to say and focus on the person talking. Get this down, and you’ll notice improvements right away.

2. Organization. Many people fear the idea of organization, thinking it makes things too structured and doesn’t leave room for the unexpected. But in truth, it equates to excellent customer service. If your records and notes are scattered, you won’t be able to remember from call to call what you may have discussed with a prospect or when you were supposed to follow up with a client. Good organization invariably leads to better sales. Plus, there are plenty of tools out there to help you with the task (including Call Logic). 

3. Breathing. It’s amazingly easy to discount focused breathing as unimportant. However, it’s also one of the call center behaviors that will reap great rewards. It keeps oxygen and blood flowing to your brain, helps calm you, and it’s good for helping you pay attention. Best of all, it doesn’t take much time, and it’s not hard. You don’t even need any special tools. Take 30 seconds here and there throughout the day, breathing in for a ten count and out for a ten count. Make sure these are nice, deep breaths, too. 

4. Flexibility. Scripts are a great way to keep your conversation on track and remember the information you’re supposed to cover. Similarly, practicing and working out responses to common objections will help you move forward on a seemingly closed path. But we all know things come up. Conversations don’t go as planned. Something unexpected makes its way in, or new and unforeseen twists happen. This is why good call center agents need to be flexible and able to adjust course as needed. 

5. Learning. Aside from active listening, learning is one of the most important call center behaviors for any agent looking for success. Learning also encompasses a vast range of topics. Anything from learning about customer behavior to good sales techniques counts. One topic that will help you substantially, however, is to learn everything you can about the product or service you’re selling. Become an expert. This will help you with flexibility, as well. So when questions or concerns come up that are outside of the typical conversation, you’re ready. 

Of course, there are more than five call center behaviors that lead to sales and strong customer relationships. Getting these down doesn’t mean you can skip other essential things like basic phone etiquette or factors like posture and energy that help you sound convincing on a sales call. 

However, these five often end up overlooked or relegated to the “nice to have” pile. At the same time, they can be critically important in helping anyone in phone sales or working in a call center. That’s true for both inbound and outbound calling. 

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