Company Background:

Founded by Chris Noto in 2020, Lacey Life Insurance Solutions LLC is an insurance agency located in New Jersey. The company offers life, long-term care, and disability insurance.

Executive Summary:

For just over a year, Chris Noto has been on his new journey as an insurance agent. It’s a competitive career that requires persistence and earning the trust of potential clients. One of Chris’s marketing strategies is calling lead lists. With new clients waiting to be uncovered, he needed a solution that could help him maximize his time and connect with as many contacts as possible.

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 The implementation of Call Logic has helped Chris reach more contacts and set more appointments. Also, the addition of Blitz Sales Software has allowed Chris to save time, build trust with potential clients, and develop a secondary contact list strategy.

The Challenges: Inefficient and Unstable Solutions

The days of selling insurance are long and can be stressful at times. The last thing any insurance agent wants to do is waste time trying to understand the technology or talk on the phone with tech support regarding an issue.

Part of Chris’s outbound marketing strategy consists of calling lead lists to set life insurance appointments. To reach as many contacts as possible in a single day, Chris needed a solution that could help him maximize his time. Through trial and error, he used multiple solutions before starting with Call Logic.

He began by using a VoIP phone system. While it was TCPA compliant, it lacked the capabilities to dial efficiently. He then turned to a system named ‘Call Tools’, but the technology was unstable when making calls. Chris was wasting valuable time and more problems than solutions were created by trying to call efficiently.

Eventually, Chris discovered Call Logic and later it combined with Blitz Sales Software.

The Solution: Call Logic Integrated with Blitz Sales Software

Once Chris turned to Call Logic, a TCPA compliant auto dialer, the impact was immediate. At first, and for several months, Chris used only Call Logic to dial his lead lists. Then, he was introduced to Blitz Sales Software, A Double a Solutions product, to help him with his follow-up timely and send emails. This seamless combination has been the solution to call efficiently and set more life appointments.

The Benefits: Increased Outbound Call Production, More Appointments, Earned Trust, and More Clients.

Ever since Chris has been using Call Logic, the solution has worked wonders for his business. The ability to save time from manual dialing contacts has helped Chris maximize his time and make more phone calls. Chris stated this, “I find that if I’m able to do 500 a day, that’s enough to make reasonable ground and impact”.

The other benefit from Call Logic that he has is the ability to multitask. Multitasking has a negative connotation for many, but Call Logic defines multitasking as differently and as possible. For example, when Call Logic dials contacts, the ringing is silent. This allows Chris to work on other tasks like catching up on emails while he waits for a connection. It’s a productivity tool like he’s never experienced before.


“Call Logic allows me to work on other things while dialing out.”

 After Chris was introduced to the power of Blitz Sales Software, integrating Call Logic into Blitz was the icing on the cake. When using Blitz, Chris views a call script alongside the contact record. Everything he needs is accessible on the screen and is easier than neck-straining when looking down at a paper script while making calls. Additionally, Blitz’s email templates have made it easier for Chris to gain trust from his prospective clients.

For every potential client interested in his services, he uses a Blitz email template to send a YouTube video. The video content shows Chris introducing himself and his company along with his licensing information. The email templates save Chris valuable time. The content of the email proves that his business is legitimate and gains the trust of potential clients. However, that’s not all that the integration is allowing Chris to do.

The most effective strategy that Chris has developed with the integration is creating secondary call campaigns. After calling through hundreds of leads, Chris will set some appointments, usually 4 or 5. Then, fast forward to the appointment, there will be some who don’t show up. Eventually, he’ll end up with a group of appointment no-shows and call them again.

Using unique dispositions in Blitz milestones and statuses, Chris can easily filter to create a secondary Call Logic calling campaign of appointment no-shows. He had this to say regarding his strategy, “I dial those and that’s where a lot of quality happens. That’s the meat of it. then I go back out and, you know, rinse and repeat”. By following up with the second list using Call Logic and Blitz, Chris can have a quality conversation and generate more new clients.

“I just put them in that secondary list. And like I said, that’s where the magic really happens.”

Chris Noto

Lacey Life Insurance Solutions