Find out how to write a life insurance sales script that will make you the most successful insurance agency around.

We all have that thing we can’t live without. For some of us, it’s that first cup of coffee in the morning. For others, it’s a favorite tool or software that makes our jobs easier. Then there are those who can’t live without that perfect life insurance sales script. (Don’t scoff!)

A winning life insurance sales script can be your ticket to closing more deals. It’s your back-up plan when you forget what you need to share with a potential client. And it’s your security system when you’re trying to make a challenging sale. In fact, a good script can help you focus more on responding to your client. 

For example, imagine your favorite band is playing your favorite song in concert. The “script” is the song; they’ve written it, rehearsed it, and know exactly what parts to play. In a live show, though, they are also responding to the audience by making eye contact, shaking hands, and performing. They know the song, so they don’t need to focus on every note; instead, they can work on making the show fun for the audience. 

Your life insurance sales script, no matter how good it is, probably won’t get heavy rotation on the radio. And we’re sorry to say, it won’t sell out concert halls. It can, however, be a hit in its own way. Perfected over time and guaranteed to work, it gives you the freedom to react to your audience. 

life insurance sales script

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10 Tips for writing a life insurance sales script that brings in the money

1. Know your product

With cold calling scripts, you have 30 seconds at most to engage your prospect. You need to be able to share the benefits of your product in a succinct manner that makes your product unique in some way (price and excellent customer service are just two examples). 

2. Keep it simple

Check and double-check your life insurance sales script to ensure you’re using plain, easy-to-understand language. The insurance profession is rife with industry terms that most people don’t fully understand. Annuity? Accidental death insurance? Whole life? Universal life? What does all that mean? You might know, but you can’t assume everyone else does. 

3. Keep it short

Looking back at the first tip, you really only have a few seconds to engage your prospect. You don’t need to cram your entire script into a 20- or 30-second pitch, but you do need to use that time to pique the interest of whomever you’re speaking with. So keep the opening short, catchy, and enticing. And though it may not seem like it, 30 seconds is actually a fair amount of time. 

4. Build your credibility

Here’s a tip that will win you more time with your prospect. Build your credibility by mentioning other businesses you work with (be sure you have permission first) or let them know who referred them to you. If you don’t have that available, you can still talk about the types of businesses you work with. For example, “We have five-star ratings from more than two dozen businesses similar to yours, and I believe I could offer you one of our best policy contracts yet.”

5. Know your close

Another way to state this would be to know your goal. Every successful sales script works toward a goal. That might be to set up an in-person appointment, or it might be to make a more in-depth call. Whatever it is, your close is the destination. The rest of the script is your map to get there. 

6. Really. Know your product

If you’re selling life insurance, you absolutely need to be an expert on your products. Insurance can be confusing for most people. Therefore, they have lots of questions. You should be able to answer those questions with calm expertise. 

7. Rehearse your script

If your script is going to work, your delivery needs to be smooth. It should sound natural. There’s only one way to do that: rehearse. You should know your script well enough to use it without reading directly from the script. Remember, a script is a tool for you to use so you can stay on message; it’s not there to read from directly. 

8. Refine your call list

Even with cold calls, you can still maximize your efforts by refining your call list. If you specialize in corporate life insurance policies, you’ll find a lot more success by honing in on HR departments, for instance, than by making random calls to every person in the phone book. Focusing your efforts also helps you jumpstart the next tip. 

9. Start a relationship

Don’t just dive into your life insurance sales script without finding some common ground first. We are all much more likely to do business with someone we like, so start your call with some friendly small talk. Even if it’s only a question or two about how their day is going, that little bit takes some of the edge off your call. 

10. Review your calls

Whether your calls are successful or not, one easy way to determine where you could improve your script is by listening back to your calls. You can dig deep into your pitch and figure out where you might be losing your listener, check on your pacing, listen to how natural (or not) your presentation is, or find out what really works and gives your call that spark that leads to a sale. High-quality auto-dialing software like Call Logic makes it simple to record and play back your calls. 

Bonus Tip: Have a follow-up email ready

If your prospect requests more information or wants things in writing so they can review what you discussed, a follow-up email is essential. And you want to send that email as soon as possible so everything is fresh. Set up a basic template – or several, depending on your call campaign – so the only thing you need to do is fill in the details. 

The best thing about writing your life insurance sales script is that you can work to continually improve it until it truly is something you can’t live without.

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