Your numbers are lousy. Learn how to get better insurance sales results with a few simple changes to your strategy.

It’s not surprising that anyone working in insurance would like better insurance sales results. After all, we like to be rewarded for our work. And it’s not much fun to make call after call or go on numerous appointments only to have poor results. 

Of course, sales is a challenging field. You have to talk to the right person at the right time. You have to be patient, knowing your efforts might take months or years to pay off. You need to understand that even when you do everything right, you still might not win the sale. There are a lot of factors that are simply beyond our control. 

However, there are a lot of things we can control. And for anyone who wants better insurance sales results, it’s vital to look at our strategies and tactics. What works? What doesn’t? What outdated and counterproductive sales techniques are we still using just because they were passed down from the former boss to the current boss to the current team manager to everyone on the sales team? What popular TikTok tricks are we trying that have no business in our business?

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better insurance sales results

If you want better insurance sales results, it’s time to put these 10 bad habits and tactics behind you. 

There are plenty of things you can do to get better insurance sales results. You can read about some of them here and here and here. But to get the most from your efforts, there are some things you can do without. 

1. Missing appointments. When you schedule an appointment with a customer or prospect, you need to do everything in your power to keep that appointment. Whether that’s an in-person discussion or a follow-up phone call, when you miss or run very late to meetings, you’re telling your clients and prospects that their time isn’t valuable to you. Of course, we all know that life happens, and sometimes it’s inevitable that you’ll miss an appointment, but that should only occur when you have a good reason. 

2. Not calling. Right along with missing appointments, we have not calling to tell the person you’re running late. Even if you’re only going to be a few minutes late, give a quick call and let the person know. 

3. The pressure sale. In the days before the internet, the pressure sale was arguably the most common sales technique around. It was so common that you can recognize it even today when you hear phrases like, “This is the last day I can extend this discounted price,” or “I can only offer the policy at this price if you buy now.” While that may have worked in the past, now it’s more likely to win you a bad reputation rather than a commission. A quick search on Google and your prospects and clients can find a dozen other insurance agents to shop with. 

4. Asking for the “decision maker” or “man of the house.” Thankfully, we don’t run across this as often as we used to, but if you want better insurance sales results, stop asking to speak with the decision maker or man of the house. They aren’t the only ones who make financial decisions. 

5. Ignoring objections. There are lots of reasons your prospects may have objections. But, in many cases, these are great opportunities to highlight the value of your policies or insurance company. 

6. Talking too much. If you’re talking, you aren’t listening. And if you aren’t listening, you’re missing out on valuable information that could help give you better insurance sales results. 

7. Trying to close too soon. Remember, you’re working to build a long-term relationship here. If you’re trying to close a sale right off the bat, you’re giving your prospects the impression that they aren’t anything more than a paycheck to you. 

8. Calling numbers on the Do Not Call list. There are so many reasons this is a bad idea, and you’re ignoring the list and making calls to these numbers anyway, the time to stop is yesterday. Not only will it annoy your prospects, but you could face hefty fines from the FCC for calling numbers on the list. 

9. Making a generic pitch. When the time comes to make that sales pitch, you can’t make a generic pitch. The good news is that if you’ve listened to your prospect, worked toward building that relationship, and know the products you sell, you can put together a personalized pitch that meets the needs of your client. 

10. Slouching! Yes, I know this sounds like the parent stereotype, but hear me out. Slouching compresses your lungs and airway. When you sit up straight – or stand – you open your airway, resulting in easier and more energetic conversation. It might be subtle, but it really does come through and impacts how your prospects perceive you. 

The path to better insurance sales results is anything but straight. However, a little alteration here, a change there, and thinking more wholistically about your approach can lead to steady improvement. Then it will dawn on you one day that all those little steps added up to a lot of success. 

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