Pressure is a powerful thing, and there are all different kinds. Think about it – if you put pressure on a piece of coal, it turns into a diamond. If you fly in an airplane or swim underwater, you can feel it affect your eardrums. If you put constant pressure on your arm, a doctor can find your blood pressure. If you press your finger onto a wall, you won’t make a dent, but if you put pressure on a thumbtack, you can easily poke a hole into the very same wall. Pressure can have negative and positive effects on the physical world around us, but if we find ourselves under pressure in our personal lives, we can respond one of three ways: we can crack and give up, we can remain stagnant or we can move forward.    

Now, to keep this from being a self-help post, we won’t talk about how to deal with pressure in our own lives, but when it comes to the workplace, pressure is a common issue, especially in a field like the sales industry. If you’re in a management position, you’re not only dealing with your own work pressure – you may have to help your team deal with their pressure, or in some cases, you may be the one putting the pressure on your team. So how do you do it? When tensions are high and work has to get done, what can you say to help your team push through?


Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team

1. Keep Calm and Carry On.

As the leader of your team, they need to see that you are not swayed or easily agitated by the pressure that a job like sales can bring. If you’ve been in the sales game long enough, you know that most of the pressure your team feels is self-imposed, so if you carry the calm, they will too.

2. Know your team.

Not everyone responds to pressure the same way. Attempting to motivate your team in only the ways that speak to you will undoubtedly make you an unpopular manager. By taking the time to know your team and what works best for each person, you can not only aid them with the pressure they feel, but you can facilitate a more positive team atmosphere.

3. Check your expectations.

As a manager, you have certain expectations for your team – work has to be done, goals have to be achieved, targets need to be met. But if you start sensing that your team is feeling pressured, make sure you check yourself first. We’re all human, and no one is perfect – having realistic expectations for your people will ease stress and remove the overabundance of pressure being experienced all around you.


4. Be the umbrella.

What does an umbrella do? It keeps the rain from soaking you. If your team members experience pressure from certain clients or outside influences, you need to stop them from getting soaked. You can protect your staff from a lot of the pressure they feel by weeding out some of the worst clients or handling them personally.

5. Recognize what is important (and what isn’t).

Goals are great – setting standards for your team to reach towards is necessary. But evaluating the work that needs to be done is also necessary – as a manager, part of your job is to figure out what is important in your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly tasks, and what is not. Focusing too much time and energy on the unimportant things will inevitably put more unnecessary pressure on your team. Don’t let urgency get in the way of quality.

6. Use sprints sparingly.

When it comes to sales strategies, everything can feel like a sprint – like everything needs to get done, right now, no questions asked. But this is a demoralizing way to handle any kind of business, and you will see a major drop in the morale of your team. By approaching your team’s goals with a marathon mentality, you can help keep the constancy of the work that needs to be done at a minimum, and you will help your team (and yourself) stay sane.

7. Acknowledge and provide.

Taking time to acknowledge the accomplishments of your team is imperative to relieving pressure – whether it’s a reward, a public praise or a private encouragement, your team will respond much better to the everyday work stress if they know they’re doing a good job. In the same vein, equipping your team with the best tools to do their jobs will help them to feel confident in what they are able to do, in the services they can provide. If they have your assistance in reaching their goals, you will have a team ready to help you get to your goals.


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Putting an End to the Pressure

Pressure can be a great motivator, but if your team is constantly under too much pressure, it can be detrimental. By trying some different tactics to battle the everyday pressures in sales, you will become a better manager, and you will help your team having lasting success.

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