Find more cold calling success with these outbound call tips that are sure to make your business flourish.

Though some salespeople remain skeptical, call scripts practically guarantee an increase in cold-calling conversion rates. By some estimates, a script can result in up to 20% more successful calls. Of course, your scripts have to include the best outbound call tips to be effective, but you’ll find it’s worth the effort when you see your numbers at the end of the month.

Not only do call scripts help you increase sales, but they help new salespeople get comfortable with the cold-calling process. Scripts can also help veteran salespeople by reminding them to stay structured and concise. No matter how much or how little experience your salespeople have, good outbound call scripts help keep the conversation on track, and they serve as a good reminder of the details you want to include in your sales pitch.

The outbound call tips here can help you write scripts that lead to increased sales. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it remains a good jumping-off point for anyone looking to better understand how call scripts can help your business.

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outbound call tips

9 Outbound call tips you can’t afford to ignore

1. Stay focused with a script

Call scripts keep you focused. Even a seasoned salesperson runs the risk of going off the rails in a conversation that doesn’t have some structure to it. Scripts provide that structure. They keep you from rambling and giving unnecessary details, and they help you know when it’s time to close a call, whether or not you’ve achieved your goal.

2. Keep your details relevant

Especially when you’re an expert on your product or service, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to share every great detail. By creating scripts that only include the relevant information, you won’t risk overwhelming your prospect with too much.

3. Meet prospect’s needs

To that same end, one of the most crucial outbound call tips for any salesperson is to meet your prospect’s needs with your script. Most of the time, sales is about solving a customer’s problem, so make sure you do that during the first conversation with them. Scripts help you remember to include this critical component to cold calling.

4. Use research to tailor your call

If you plan to make a sale, you have to research your audience. But it can be hard to remember all the details without a call script to guide you. Include facts about your prospect in your script so you have relevant information at the ready. Show your prospect that you have a vested interest in their business.

5. Make a gatekeeper script

No list of outbound call tips would be complete without mentioning a gatekeeper script. Gatekeepers are receptionists, secretaries, assistants, and others who screen calls to determine which ones are important enough to send to a key decision maker. When these people are good at their jobs, they are challenging to get past. Write a call script to help you do it. Use it to get to the point and remain friendly and patient, as no gatekeeper will let you through if you get on their wrong side.

6. Make a decision maker script

You’ll also need a script specifically for key decision makers. Use it to personalize your call so that person feels a connection to you. Include something you admire about them or their business and address how your product or service can improve that business. Decision-maker call scripts are great for overcoming objections and connecting with the one person who ultimately matters.

7. Learn your script

One of the objections to call scripts is that they make a salesperson sound too robotic or artificial. One way to avoid this is to learn the script so well that you’re hardly reading from it, but rather using it as a guide to steer you through the conversation. This will also help you tailor your script to different people since not every conversation is going to be the same.

8. Use scripts to follow up

While most of these outbound call tips are focused on that initial connection, remember that call scripts are useful for following up, too. In fact, these scripts might be more valuable because you already know a good deal about the prospect and you know more about what they need.

9. Call to action

Finally, a compelling script includes a call to action. What do you want from the prospect? Tell them plainly and directly by asking for it. A script reminds you to do this and also tells you when to do it, which is critical for a successful outbound call. Tips like this one are crucial to your ultimate goal, which is, of course, to boost your sales.

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